Review Of A Neutral Three Tier Nappy Cake From ‘Bouncing Bump’ – An Award Winning Baby Gifts Company

bouncing bump nappy cakeLook at that beautiful Nappy Cake in the photo above. Isn’t it gorgeous!  My sister was ever so lucky because the lovely Sajal Shah from Bouncing Bump kindly sent the 3 Tier Neutral Nappy Cake to her (free of charge for review purposes) in anticipation of her little boy being born in the summer.

My sister was absolutely over the moon! It arrived by courier, safely delivered in a big cardboard box with a branded ‘Bouncing Bump’ sticker on one side and a ‘Keep Upright’ sticker on the other side.  I have to be absolutely honest here…..I was so excited that the gift had arrived that I just HAD to open it. Obviously it would have been nicer of me to let my sister have that honour but as she was at work I thought it would ‘kind’ of me to open the parcel and send a photo message to her of what had arrived. After all, it was such a lovely, sisterly thing for me to do….she never need know I just had no patience and wanted to see the wonderful Nappy Cake straight away! 😀

bouncing bump nappy cake reviewMy sister really appreciated the photo and it absolutely made her day when I took the nappy cake round to her after work. She couldn’t wait to unwrap it from its pretty polka dot cellophane. As mean as we both felt dismantling the nappy cake, we knew it had to be done so we could see exactly what goodies were hidden amongst the confines of the cellophane.

Here is a full list of what was in the Unisex Three Tier Nappy Cake lovingly handmade by Sajal from Bouncing Bump :-

* 42 Size 3 (9-20lbs) Pampers Nappies
* 100% Polyester Fleece Blanket
* 2 x 100% Cotton Muslin Cloths
* Soft Toy (CE kitemark approved)
* 1 x 100% Cotton Bib
* 4 x 100% Polyester Wash Cloths
* 2 x Weaning Baby Spoons
* 1 x 100% Cotton Hat and Bootie set (suitable for newborns)

bouncing bump nappy cake reviewThe nappies were all carefully rolled up, the ‘baby essentials’ were placed around the ‘cake tiers’ (or cleverly turned into ‘lollipops’ in the case of the wash cloths and spoons) and then the nappies were all kept in place by having each tier wrapped with either the fleece blanket or a cotton muslin cloth and a brown & white polka dot ribbon tied around it. To finish the gift off it has an adorable teddy sitting upon the top of it and it was presented on a metallic cake board with an accompanying ‘ingredients’ tag and the whole thing was beautifully wrapped up in spotty cellophane with sheer spotty ribbon embellishment.  It looked absolutely AMAZING! It had real WOW Factor!

This cake costs £44.99 and for your money you are getting a handmade gift that shows you really care about the person you bought it for. It is made to a really high standard , it is presented beautifully and most importantly… it is useful! Any new mum or mum-to-be would love to receive this!  These 42 nappies were the first ones that my sister had got for my new little nephew and so they have been carefully put away in a storage box in the nursery awaiting his arrival.

bouncing bump nappy cake reviewAt the time of the nappy cake being sent for review we didn’t know my sister was having a boy so she was delighted with the neutral nappy cake as it would be perfect for if she was having a boy or girl.

The nappy cake could either be given as a gift for when a new arrival is here or it could be given as a present at a baby shower or for when someone is leaving work to go on maternity leave.  It is a show-stopper of a gift that will definitely not be forgotten!

The nappy cakes from Bouncing Bump are available in 3 different colourways – Neutral (Unisex) , Pink or Blue and in 1 tier, 2 tier or 3 tier versions. Each one has different quantities of nappies and baby essentials, a teddy and a fleece blanket. The more luxurious the version – the more items you receive in your nappy cake. A one tier nappy cake is £24.99, a 2 tier nappy cake is £34.99 and a 3 tier nappy cake is £44.99. There is also a 3 tier nappy cake available that comes with the addition of 2 metres of handmade mini bunting and that is £54.99.  Postage on nappy cakes and clothing bouquets (which I will tell you about in a moment) is £6.75 and there is free postage on orders over £70.

I highly recommend the nappy cakes from Bouncing Bump and so does my sister. She loved her kind gift from Sajal and it has been a pleasure to have this opportunity to write about her award winning baby gifts company on my blog.

bouncing bump nappy cake reviewBefore I go I would like to also mention the other handmade new baby gifts that you can buy from Bouncing Bump. There are Sock Cupcakes which are £12.50 for a box of 4 cupcakes (made of 4 pairs of socks styled into the shape of cupcakes) and Clothing Bouquets which are £34.99 (made from a baby gro, a muslin, a bib, a hat, 4 pairs of socks creatively transformed into flowers and then presented in a bouquet).

If you would like to have a chat with Sajal about placing an order for a nappy cake or any of her other items then you can contact her via this form or alternatively why not get in touch with her via Twitter or Facebook (you need to be logged in to see her page). Bouncing Bump is also on Pinterest and Google+.

To visit the Bouncing Bump website please click this link.


A big thank you goes to Bouncing Bump for my sister’s unforgettable new baby gift.

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