Review Of Nutty Putty From Alphabet Pie. The Non-Toxic Silicone Modelling Putty That Kids Can Get Creative With!

nutty putty reviewA few months ago we were sent a mini sample pack of a new arts and craft product that is designed for kids….it is called Nutty Putty and it is very unique!

It is a vibrantly coloured putty that your child can mould and shape which is made from non toxic, hygienic (anti bacterial agent added) silicone which is FDA and ROHS approved. They can even bake it so their creation lasts permanently.  It is the same kind of silicone that is used in the production of baby feeding bottles, teethers and dummies as well as for medical and cookware products.

This Nutty Putty enables your child to create intricate designs that they can then bake for 10 minutes so that they become ‘fixed in place’ and can be played with or stuck on to things such as cards, hairbands, etc. They also make great keyrings , as long as you don’t forget to make the hole for the key ring to go through before you bake your design.

As you can see from the photo below, we enjoyed experimenting with the putty and my daughter and I created a few little items. My daughter absolutely loved playing with this Nutty Putty as she had the opportunity to be creative and have fun at the same time.

nutty putty reviewI home educate my daughter and because of this I feel that the Nutty Putty has real value to her. I say this because I love how she is able to express her creativity in a tactile way. Yes she can draw or paint to be creative and we all know that there are big brand modelling clays that kids love to play with but this Nutty Putty is like nothing I have ever seen before…it is so different! Your child is going to love having the chance to experiment with it. I am not sure of the recommended age for your child to be able to use this putty but I would definitely say you need to be able to trust them not to try and eat the putty! It’s always best to watch them when they are using any kinds of modelling dough/clay though, just to be on the safe side.

It is quite a firm putty to work with but once it has been softened it up a bit your child will be fine stamping out shapes with cookie cutters and moulding little details to add to their designs. You must only play with this on a smooth surface such as a glass worktop saver or a plastic place mat because if not it will stick everywhere, as you’d expect from this or any kind of kind of putty or modelling clay.

This is a very new product and it was only introduced to the kids craft market at the beginning of April so now is the time to buy it as I have a feeling that once it is well known it will soon turn into a nationwide craze and everyone will be wanting a box of Nutty Putty to play with!

This has lots of different creative uses and if you ever get stuck for ideas you only have to contact the friendly Nutty Putty team and they will soon suggest some ideas of way you can use it. I have been browsing their tweets today and I have seen from their pictures that you can even use this Nutty Putty on old glass jam jars and then bake the designs directly onto the glass! Plus they even had a photo of stainless steel cutlery with Nutty Putty handles! How cool is that! 🙂  I have included those photos plus many more besides in the photo collage below. ( All photos are from the Nutty Putty twitter account )

nutty putty creationsYou can read more about Nutty Putty in the description below (which I took from their Alphabet Pie website ) :-


What is Nutty Putty

Nutty Putty™ is unlike any other type of Putty.  It is educational as well being versatile and fun. To keep your creation, simply pop it in the oven for 10 minutes and it transforms into a permanent object which you play with forever – (or you can give it to your mum as a gift!).

What’s all the fuss about?

It’s glossy, rubbery,  non-messy, non-drying, bouncy, shiny, mixable, non-flaking, waterproof (once baked) AND theres even a glow in the dark!

Educational Benefits

Alphabet pie® products encourage children to learn while having fun.

NUTTY PUTTY™ has been created to:

Develop fine motor skills
Encourage personal and social skills
Promote concentration, observation and language skills
Encourage imagination, exploration and creativity
Explore the development of various art techniques; sculpting & moulding
EYFS standards and National Curriculum Key Stage targets

Product Safety

All toys launched into the UK market must comply with the provisions of the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011 which bring the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC into UK law S.I. 2011 no.1881.


If you like the idea of letting your child have crafty fun with the brand new ‘Nutty Putty’ then you can buy it from The Bear & Miss Rabbit website. They stock the full range!

There are a few different Nutty Putty creation sets available and the various Nutty Putty colours can also be bought individually in ziplock bags. Alphabet Pie have plans to regularly add to the themed sets they have available so make sure to keep an eye on their facebook and twitter pages to keep up to date with their latest news.

Currently (April 2015) the prices for the Nutty Putty sets from the The Bear & Miss Rabbit website are as follows  :-

Nutty Putty 6 Colour Set

Nutty Putty 6 Colour Set – £14.99

Nutty Putty 8 Colour deluxe set

Nutty Putty 8 Colour Deluxe Set – £18.99

Nutty Putty Accessory Set

Nutty Putty Accessory Set –  £9.99

Nutty Putty Cake Deco Set

Nutty Putty Cake Deco Set – £9.99

Nutty Putty Individual Packs Glow in the Dark

Nutty Putty Individual Packs – £1.85

Nutty Putty Individual Packs Glow in the Dark

Nutty Putty Individual Packs Glow in the Dark – £1.99

If you do decide to buy your child some Nutty Putty to play with then it would be great if you could share the photos of your creations with the Nutty Putty team by contacting them on social media or by emailing them on They would love to see what you child has made with their fab new product!

I’d like to say thank you to Nutty Putty for being so kind as to send me the mini pack to try out with my daughter.  🙂

You can visit the Nutty Putty website by clicking here.

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