Review Of Adorable ‘Jungle Critters’ Animal Wall Stickers From BF Graphics

wall stickers reviewI was sent these adorable wall stickers free of charge so I could review them. They were sent to me by a small company called BF Graphics who are based in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire.

The design I chose to be sent for review is called ‘Jungle Critters‘ and it costs £19.99 for the 4 animal stickers. You get an elephant sticker, a monkey sticker, a zebra sticker and a lion sticker. Each animal design is approx 30cm tall and you get to choose which vinyl colour you want for each critter. I chose for the elephant to be dark grey, the zebra to be black, the lion to be orange and the monkey to be brown. There are loads of different colours to choose from!  This design is a perfect wall sticker for a child’s bedroom, a nursery, a playroom or a educational setting such as a school or playgroup.

I came into contact with the company via twitter and they are such a lovely, friendly team. Karen who I have been tweeting in the run-up to reviewing this wall sticker set has been so nice and helpful. Thanks Karen! 🙂

BF Graphics specialises in producing a wide range of signs, vinyl wall stickers, vehicle graphics, shop decals, printed ceramics, personalised t-shirts & hoodies, customised heat transfers, banners, canvases and much more besides. I opted for these cute wall stickers to review though as they are such fun!

wall stickers reviewI gifted these stickers to a school as I thought they were such cheerful characters to have in a place in where loads of kids would get the pleasure of seeing them. I helped them apply the stickers to the painted doors that they wanted them on. I could not believe how amazingly easy they were to apply!

All we did was go back and forth over the back of the sticker to make sure that it was well adhered to the sticky backing film that protects the vinyl sticker. Once we had done this we gently peeled off the backing paper and along with that came the vinyl animal design sticker. All that had to be done then was to put the sticker in position on the door and carefully rub it over so that the sticker would stick to the door. I only had one teeny bit that didn’t stick properly at the first attempt but after easing the vinyl sticker back onto the door that was all sorted and the sticker was stuck in place!

These were SOooo easy to apply and the results are wonderful! The stickers are cheerful and fun. They are well worth their price of just under £20 as for that money you are getting 4 individual stickers which you can either stick down in a row, in a column or in separate places (like I did on the 4 school doors).

I cannot recommend these wall stickers highly enough! They look great and the whole process of receiving them in the post to applying them to the surface of the doors was super simple.

BF Graphics sell loads of different wall sticker designs and I have showcased some of them in the photo collage below. The vinyl wall sticker categories that they have are as follows :-

Animal,    Automotive,    Bathroom,    Flowers & Plants,    Kids,    Kitchen,    Miscellaneous, Music,    People,    Quotes,    Sport

BF Graphics vinyl wall stickers reviewBefore I go I would just like to ask you all to pop over and follow BF Graphics on their social media accounts, You can find them on twitter and facebook. Following them on social media is by far the best way of keeping up to date with their latest additions to their website and of course you’ll always be the first to know about any offers they run! 🙂

If you would like to buy a vinyl wall sticker please click here to view their full range of available designs.

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