Broken Washing Machine? Watch these Informative Videos From eSpares To See How To Fix It!

espares videos I shall spare you the long, boring story of the day I thought my washing machine had packed up  because water flooded out after I’d done a washing cycle and then the next time I used it the machine kept filling with water until I turned off the water supply!!! ….. but instead I will tell you about a great You Tube channel I found. 🙂

It is and the channel is run by

It is PACKED FULL of lots of informative videos about how to diagnose what has gone wrong with your Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Fridge or other various appliances, etc and then how to fit the spare parts (which they sell).

In the end it turned out my washing machine had got 3 safety pins jammed in the filter but it hadn’t have been that I was certain I could have tried to work out the issue by watching their videos. Had it been the water inlet valve I was very confident I could have changed it myself because of their videos!! 😀

Pop over and look through their videos and if you need to buy spares you can visit their website.


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