Review Of A MSC 5000mah Water Resistant Sport Solar Charger & A MSC Power Stick Portable Phone Charger From Plus A Giveaway!!

review of mobile solar chargersI have a new review for you all today and it is accompanied by a fantastic giveaway (UK entrants only)! The review is of two mobile power banks from . One is the MSC 5000mah Water Resistant Sport Solar Charger and the other is the MSC Power Stick Portable Phone Charger.

The giveaway prizes are a Compact Lite Solar Charger and a Portable Power Stick Charger and the competition is only open to those of you who live in the UK.  The first winner will win the Compact Lite Solar Powered Charger and the runner-up will win the Portable Power Stick Charger. These prizes will be sent out by and you can enter via the gleam entry form at the bottom of this review.

review of mobile solar chargers

Now I shall start the reviews:-

MSC 5000mah Water Resistant Sport Solar Charger

This portable battery charger is amazing! It is solar powered and it holds a lot of charge. It is stated on the website that the 5000mAh rechargeable battery can give your mobile phone at least 2 full charges before you need to recharge the portable charger from a mains socket , car USB charger or or a computer USB port.

When this charger arrived I was about to go on holiday to stay in a static caravan for a few days so I decided to take the solar powered charger with me and give it a run for its money! I did take my conventional mains charger with me as well but to be honest I hardly had need to use it as the solar powered charger did a fantastic job of keeping my phone charge topped up while I was on my hols.  There is a nifty little torch built into the top end of the charger and I used that on a couple of occasions so that I could read my book in the dark room at night.

I didn’t recharge the solar powered charger by mains while I was on holiday but it did top itself up throughout the day because of the trickle charge from the solar panel when it was in direct sunlight. The solar panel is 200ma solar panel and it can recover up to a phone charge in a full day of direct light but this can be boosted via any usb charger. Please note that glass can cut out most UV light, car windscreens especially.

The solar panel on this charger is such a great idea and it is this addition that makes the portable charger ideal for camping and caravan holidays, festivals, walking treks , boating holidays and any other outdoor activities where you may not have access to mains electric to recharge your portable charger. Another great thing about this is that it is waterproof and it comes on a carabiner clip so you can clip it onto you rucksack and have it exposed to sunlight throughout the day so it can recharge itself. The charger will retain its charge for months and the solar panel has a life of approx 500 cycles and then it will have a gradual loss of capacity.  It weighs 150g and it measures 142 x 75 x 13.6mm. The charger has a Polymer Lithium-ion Battery.  The input on this charger is a micro usb DC5v/1000mA and the output is 2 x USB 5V/1amp. This came with a micro USB cable and as it has two USB ports you could actually charge two things at once from this charger. You would need to buy another cable to use with it though.

The charger is £29.95 and UK delivery costs £3.95. There is the option to have any item from the MobileSolarChargers website delivered to Europe and the rest of the world but there are higher postage costs involved.

I highly recommend this solar powered charger to you all and it is well worth the investment as it will give you peace of mind when you are out and about and need charge on on your mobile but don’t have access to an electrical point.

To buy a charger like this please click here.

review of mobile solar chargersMSC Power Stick Portable Phone Charger

I was sent this portable stick charger in pink and it is lovely. It is the ideal size to pop in your handbag and it costs just £14.95 with £3.95 UK delivery. It is available in Pink, Black. Silver, Green & Blue colourways. This has a robust aluminium casing.  I gave this to my sister as her Samsung phone is forever running out of charge when she is out and about so I thought this would come in handy for her.

The charger is about the same size as a lipstick so it is very unobtrusive in your bag and it hardly weighs anything really…just 77g in fact!

This portable charger has a Samsung 2600mAh battery, the input is usb DC 5v/1A and the output is usb DC 5v/2A. This can be recharged via the mains and it takes about 2.6 hours to fully recharge it.  The USB outlet can charge any 5v devices such as mobile phones, etc. This come with a micro USB charge lead included.

My favourite thing about this charger is the % readout display that shows how much power is remaining in the charger. At a click of a button you can see if you need to recharge the portable charger or whether there is enough power to charge your phone, if needed.

If you are looking for an affordable power bank / portable charger to carry around with you on a daily basis then this one would be ideal as it is so small and lightweight This should give enough for a weeks top up or 1-2 full charges of an iPhone. As this has a Samsung battery in it that should mean it will give years of reliable service and it will hold its charge for months when not in use.

I have nothing but praise for this charger! I think it is affordable, useful and trendy.

To buy a charger like this please click here

 Before I give you the entry form to the giveaway I am running in collaboration with I would like to add a few more comments about why I love these portable chargers that were sent to me for review.

As a mum it can be a very worrying thought to think that I could be out and about and my phone battery could die on me at any time. Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Screen Brightness…all these things affect how long the charge on my phone battery will last and there is never any real guarantee that the battery won’t decide to run out whilst I am on a car journey or during a day trip out. It gives me real peace of mind to know that by carrying a fully-charged portable power bank / phone charger with me I can recharge my phone on the go.  It means that I can get rid of that worry in the back of my head that says…what would I do in an emergency if I needed my phone but the battery had run out.  I can rely on the fact that by having a MSC charger with me I can power up my phone and make any calls that are required. Also, as the solar powered charger I was given (and the portable charger my sister now has) can power up electronics via a micro USB cable I can use it to recharge my digital cameras and my daughter’s Innotab max. 🙂

If you would like to browse the full range of solar powered chargers and portable power banks from Mobile Solar Chargers please visit their website. They have lots of different types of charger to choose from and all of their MSC products have a 1 year warranty on them covering any manufacturing defects.

Before I go, can I suggest that you follow them on social media so you can be kept up to date with all their latest news and offers. They can be found on facebook, twitter, Google+ and You Tube

review of mobile solar chargers

Now for the giveaway!!!

This is open to UK entrants only and there are 2 prizes. The first winner drawn will win a Compact Lite Solar Charger worth £19.95 and the runner up will win a Portable Power Stick Charger (like the one I have reviewed) worth £14.95. These prizes will be sent out to the winners by and I am afraid I accept no responsibility for sending the prizes to you. I will however do my utmost to make sure you receive your prize by promptly passing on your email address to MSC and asking them to send out the prize plus if you contact me to chase-up the prize delivery I will get in touch with them to try and see what has happened.

You can enter this competition via the gleam entry form and their are loads of ways to gain entries! The competition is open until 11.59pm on the 26th June 2015. Please only enter if you have a UK address that the prize can be sent to. Thanks

Best of luck!

Win 1 of 2 Portable Phone Chargers From!

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    My son is after one of these- he never has his phone out of his hand so it would be very well used!


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