Meet ‘The Kneader’: The Massage Tool Used By Massage Therapists That You Can Buy To Use Yourself At Home. Plus A Giveaway!

the kneader massage tool by Kneads MustToday I would like to introduce you all to The Kneader. I  will be writing a review about it plus giving one away! It is a massage tool that massage therapists use in their salons. However… you’ll be pleased to know that you can buy it online to use yourself at home!  The Kneader is sold by ‘Kneads Must’ and the tool was designed by Una Tucker, a qualified and registered massage therapist herself.  Una couldn’t find any suitable massage tools to recommend to her clients for them to use at home in-between treatments and so she did what every good entrepreneur does … and designed it herself!

The Kneader was launched in 2011 and since then it has been a hit with customers worldwide. Therapists buy it to use in massage routines in their salon treatments and individuals buy it for home-use to complement their trips to the salon.

the kneader massage tool by Kneads MustThe massage tool is made of hard-wearing acrylic and it has finger holes so you can hold it comfortably. You don’t have to use these finger holes though, instead you can just grip The Kneader, if you prefer. It can be used to massage over clothing or it can be used directly on the skin with suitable body oil blends and body creams. It can then be wiped clean using hand cleanser, wet wipes or soap and water.

The Kneader is made up of 3 parts. You can see and read about them below :-

the kneader massage tool by Kneads Must the kneader massage tool by Kneads Must the kneader massage tool by Kneads Must the kneader massage tool by Kneads Must the kneader massage tool by Kneads MustThe Kneader is available to buy from Amazon UK and they are currently selling it at the offer price of £17.99 instead of the usual RRP of £25.00.  I think it is well worth the money as it is an innovative tool that can be used with ease. It is easy to massage your own shoulders, legs and lower back using the Kneader and if you prefer you can always get somebody else to carry out the massage for you.  The Kneader comes with an informative DVD and an instruction booklet. There are also lots of video tutorials about how to use The Kneader on the Kneads Must website. You can see all the ‘Kneader Moves’ videos by clicking here.

If you live abroad you can order The Kneader from The current price on there is $25.00 instead of the usual $35.00.

the kneader massage tool by Kneads MustHere are some of the lovely reviews of ‘The Kneader’:-

  • The Kneader provides the relief you are looking for, … but can’t find, when your neck and shoulders are tight from the daily stresses of life. Press the kneader along those tight muscles and run it down the length of the muscle. What a relief… I think I’ll order one for each of my friends.” – Amazon Reviewer May 2014
  • Great little helper for working out your own kinks – This thing is great! The more narrow side is perfect for my IT band and all my attachments at the elbow. The bigger side gets my quads and hams. Everything I had been trying to do with my thumbs for my elbows I can now do with this without cramping up my fingers. Great purchase.”Amazon Reviewer November 2014
  • Five Stars – Easy to use, and very effective!” Amazon Reviewer January 2015
  • Fantastic ToolI’ve been in practice for over 15yrs and this is a FAB tool. It’s perfectly formed for the hand (left or right) to use with ease. I’ve recommended this to all my colleagues and a couple of trainers. It’s use is only limited by your imagination. What a thumb saver!!!Amazon Reviewer April 2011

The tool is great to use if you want to massage your own troublesome shoulders and aching legs after a long day. It is also possible to massage your lower back and arms if you need to. To be able to massage your own shoulders you will need to be physically able to reach up and place/hold The Kneader in the correct position on the shoulder. I can do this okay but I think some may find it easier and others may find it more a little bit more difficult. Nothing is EVER going to replace the relaxation and sheer sense of luxury of going for a massage in a beautiful salon but The Kneader massage tool was primarily designed to supplement massage by a trained therapist rather than replace it and I think it does its job really well. I can understand its popularity amongst everyone….it is portable, affordable and does its job really well.

The Kneader is ideal for busy mums who want a way of massaging away the aches and pains of daily life without having to book a babysitter for the kids so they can go and indulge in a massage at a salon.

Kneads Must can be found on various social media networks. Here are the links you’ll need to visit them on the web:-

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In conclusion, I would recommend The Kneader to all of you as a way of being able to have a massage without paying out for a trip to the salon. I think the Kneader will work best as a supplement to a regular massage by a trained therapist rather than as a replacement. It would make an ideal gift for somebody who loves having a massage or for anybody that is into general relaxation.


the kneader massage tool by Kneads MustNow I shall tell you about my fab giveaway!

One lucky winner will win ‘The Kneader’ and it will be posted out to you by Una.

The Giveaway is open only to EU residents.

It is a Gleam giveaway so there are loads of different ways to enter the competition. You can retweet a tweet, visit a webpage, watch a video, follow us on twitter, etc.

The giveaway ends at 11.59pm on the 30th June 2015.

Here is the entry form…
Win A Massage Tool From ‘Kneads Must’ Called ‘The Kneader’. RRP £25.00

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