#ItsInTheBagBaby – My Pink Lining Brand Ambassador Search Competition Entry. ‘What I Can’t Leave Home Without…… ‘

essentialsHere is my blog post about ‘What I Can’t Leave Home Without’ as my entry into the Pink Lining Brand Ambassador Search competition.  Pink Lining would like me to let you know the essentials I have in my bag when I leave the house but before I tell you those my first answer is as follows……

I can’t leave home without  – My daughter! As I home educate her that means where I go she goes and I love it that way!! I am very lucky that because I work from home I am able to have it this way and she is definitely the most important thing I can’t leave the house without.  🙂  Admittedly she doesn’t go in my bag though! So……

Here are the essentials I always carry in my bag when I leave the house with my child in tow….

  • Most importantly – Spare Clothing! Children always get messy so it is a great idea to always have spare clothes on hand for when they are needed.
  • A packet of Pampers Travel Wipes. There are only 12 wipes in a pack but that is enough for a day trip out. These travel packs of wipes do cost more than the big packs but I don’t mind paying extra because of the convenience that they offer. Superdrug are currently selling 3 packs of these for £1 instead of the usual 49p a pack. You can also buy them cheaply in Savers.
  • A pair of socks – the reason for this is sometimes I take my daughter on an impromptu visit to the indoor play area and you have to wear socks when you are there. I don’t always walk round with spare socks in my bag but if I am going out for the day and there is a chance I may take her there then I pop some socks in my bag so I don’t have to buy some if/when we get there.
  • I think it is very useful to have Plasters in your bag as they always come in handy if your child grazes their knee plus if you or your child gets a blister from too much walking they are a godsend! There’s nothing worse that your shoes rubbing on blisters on your feet!
  • I try to have a £1 coin and change in my bag/purse at all times as you never know when you might need change to pay for a phone call (although you’d need to find a phone box first and that will probably prove to be nearly impossible!) and the £1 coin is handy in case you need to use it for a trolley when you do a supermarket shop.
  • Portable Phone Charger – I am very lucky that because of my review blogging I have been sent a few different portable phone chargers to use and I think the credit card sized one I reviewed from PowerPackXL was excellent as it weighs hardly anything and it can be slotted into your purse for emergency charge on your mobile phone.
  • I always have a notepad and pen in my handbag as you never know when you will need to jot down a phone number or write yourself a note of something you need to add to your shopping list. I also let my daughter do spelling tests and drawings on the notepad when we are out at a restaurant waiting for meal so that I can keep her occupied. 🙂
  • To be honest my list of things I never leave the home without could go on and on but my last items…and the most important ones are my purse and mobile phone. Can’t imagine being without my phone and without my purse I would be completely lost!! I am so worried about forgetting to take my purse when I go out that I even have a special money capsule on my keys so that I always have a tenner with me.  🙂 You may think that my keys should also be on my list but the thing is that if I don’t have my keys with me then I couldn’t have got into my car and driven away from my home…. so fingers crossed I’ll always remember them! Here’s hoping! 😀

ambassador_search_webThe competition that Pink Lining is running is to become a Brand Ambassador for their company. I have had the privilege of reviewing for them before as they were kind enough to send my sister-in-law a ‘Blooming Gorgeous’ changing bag to review and she absolutely loved it! You can read my review here – http://www.mymummyreviews.com/2014/11/review-and-giveaway-wise-owl-baby-changing-bag-from-pink-lining/ The bag still looks as good today as it did when it arrived with her back in mid 2014. She looks after it very well and people admire it on a daily basis. 🙂

I would love to have the chance to review more of their products on my blog so I can tell you all about the newest additions to their range. Their bags are such great quality and the best bit is that the brand is so well known that everyone knows a Pink Lining bag when they see one! 🙂

If I was picked to become a Pink Lining Brand Ambassador it would be fantastic. I wouldn’t be able to attend any of their press events as I prefer to remain anonymous on my blog but I could certainly receive the bags for review and write all about them ….with pics of the bag….on my blog. What an exciting prospect! 🙂

Thanks for reading.


Just to point out, none of the links in this post are affiliate links (Amazon, Superdrug, Savers) but I did receive the Pink Lining Bag and the phone charger, that I spoke about, free of charge so I could write the review posts on my blog . I am purely linking to them because they are links I’d like to share with you.

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