Review Of BuzzCloth – The Eco-Friendly Food Wrap Made From Organic Cotton Infused With Beeswax & Plant Oils

review of buzzclothThere is a buzz in the air and it all because of a new eco-friendly food covering called Buzzcloth. It is described as an ‘earth-lovin’ food-huggin’ cling cloth!

It is a biodegradable, reusable food wrap made from cloth and beeswax. It seals around your food which means your food will stay fresher for longer.

The website says the following about it :-

“The Buzzcloth is made from all natural organic cotton, beeswax and other plant extracts, Buzzcloth is a reusable, washable, crunchable wrapper thing that seals around food with a quick hand-hug.”

I was sent a Buzzcloth to review and I gave it to my mum as I thought she would like to try it out. She was very intrigued about it when I gave it to her as she had never seen anything like it before. Neither had I!  I had seen cotton, washable wraps to put your sandwiches in before but never a natural alternative to clingfilm or foil. My mum has been trying the Buzzcloth out and is really impressed by it. She has mainly used it to cover sandwiches with and she is very pleased with its Eco credentials!

The lady behind the Buzzcloth is Yolanda Drewell and she is very passionate about her business. Her aim is to make a difference to the earth by helping people to be more Eco-friendly on a daily basis.  

The Buzzcloth can be your earth friendly replacement for clingfilm and/or foil.  Here are some examples:-

  • You have made a sandwich to take out on a picnic. What would you normally do with it? Wrap it in a plastic sandwich bag? Not any more! Instead you can wrap it up in the Buzzcloth and then when you get back from the picnic you give the Buzzcloth a quick wipe down with a cloth or rinse it in cold water.
  • You have made yourself a salad and chopped some slices of pepper but now you need to cover the rest of it. What do you normally do? Perhaps you might wrap the pepper in some cling film? Not any more! If you have a Buzzcloth handy you would scrunch it up around the pepper and then that will do the same job as the clingfilm but in a much more ‘greener’ way.

You have made a yummy cake and want to take a bit to work for your lunch. How do you protect the cake in your lunchbox? Maybe you wrap it in foil? Not any more! Put the slice of cake in the Buzzcloth and fold it around so that it forms a pocket for your cake to be safely stored in until you get to it at lunchtime…well, that’s if you can wait till lunch! 🙂

Those are just a few examples! You will find plenty more suggestions over on the Buzzcloth website, or on their facebook, twitter or Pinterest pages.

review of buzzcloth eco-friendly food wrapThe Buzzcloth is made in Devon and it is made from natural organic cotton which is infused with beeswax and other plant extracts. A Buzzcloth will last for between 6 months and 1 year depending on how often you use and wash it. Once you feel it no longer does the job properly then you don’t need to bin it and send it to landfill…instead you can pop it on your compost heap and it will gradually decompose.  How’s that for environmental friendliness! 🙂

There are a few things to bear in mind when using a Buzzcloth…it is advised that you don’t use it to wrap strong smelling foods such as blue cheese and onion plus it’s not a good idea to wrap raw meat in it either.  The Buzzcloth can be used to protect cut lemons but it is best not to use it to directly cover pineapples and other very acidic fruit. You can however put the fruits into a bowl and use the Buzzcloth to protect the top of the bowl. Also the Buzzcloth is not meant to be heated so you won’t be able to use it as a replacement for foil on your lasagna in the oven or instead of cling film on your microwave sponge pudding. You can use it to replace cling film, wax paper or aluminum foil in most other cases. 🙂

You are able to buy Buzzcloth in 3 different sizes. Small, Medium and Large plus there are packs available which have a mixture of sizes. The prices vary depending on the size of cloth and the quantity of Buzzcloths in a pack. The large cloth that I was sent is £9.50 and postage would be £2.80.  Considering that you could potentially use this as a daily sandwich wrap for 6 months to a year that isn’t a lot of money to have to spend.

I am very grateful to Yolanda for giving me the opportunity to try out her product and review it on my blog. Thank you 🙂

You can read an interview with Yolanda Drewell over on the Plastic Expert blog.

If you would like to find out more about why Yolanda started her business or maybe you have a question about Buzzcloth – such as ‘why it is the Bee’s Knees?’, then please contact her by emailing or by getting in touch via social media.

To visit the Buzzcloth web store please click here and while you are over on the website please have a read of her lovely blog!

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