Review Of Handmade Luxury Soy Candle By Elixyr London – Rosewood & Velvet Moss Fragrance

Elixyr London Soy Candle ReviewIf you are looking for a luxury candle to give as a gift or to buy as a treat for yourself, then I highly recommend Elixyr London soy candles. They come beautifully packaged and smell divine!

I was kindly sent a free 280g Rosewood & Velvet Moss candle to road-test for this review and I love it! It is available to buy for £16.99 and in my opinion worth every penny! 🙂 I say this because the candle not only looks luxurious but smells luxurious too. The fragrance is sweet and decadent. A feminine and floral scent that makes the home seem cosy and welcoming.

Elixyr London Soy Candle ReviewThe candle has burnt down really well and I haven’t experienced any tunneling as yet because I have made sure to always burn the candle for a few hours at a time so that I get a full pool on wax on the surface during each burn time. If I were to have the problem of the candle tunneling down into the jar then I would do the trick of wrapping tin foil around the jar whilst it was burning. As per this video :- It has worked every time for me on other candles that I have. 🙂

Here’s the website description of the Elixyr Candle Fragrance IV – Rosewood & Velvet Moss :-

A unique touch of velvet petals with top notes of precious pear and a refreshing amalgamation of citrus and Armoise, bursting into a relaxing smell of amber jasmine and English lavender, finishing the blur of sensations off with musky sandalwood and vanilla.

Elixyr London Soy Candle ReviewThe 280g soy candle comes beautifully presented in an Elixyr branded glass tumbler jar and it should burn for around 40- 50 hours.

The candle has been hand-poured in the United Kingdom using natural soy wax which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Soy wax candles like this one offer the cleanest burn and also the soy wax has a lower melting point which means the melted wax doesn’t get to as hot a temperature as melted paraffin wax.

The fragrance oils that have been used in the Elixyr soy candles have been manufactured in the UK with guaranteed EU and IFRA compliance.

Elixyr London Soy Candle ReviewThere are 4 fragrances in the current Elixyr London candle collection and they can be seen in the photo above.

There is Fragrance I – Black Pomegranate, Fragrance II – English Pear & Vanilla, Fragrance III – Lime, Basil & Mandarin and Fragrance IV – Rosewood & Velvet Moss.

They all sound lovely and I bet the rest of the candles are just as delightful as the one I am reviewing. You can tell from the scent of the candle (both when it is unlit and lit) that the fragrance oils used in the candles are top quality.

If you would like to purchase an Elixyr London candle then you can do so by buying from them on etsy or ebay.

Please pop over and follow the company on social media. You can find them on twitter, facebook and Instagram.

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