Review Of ‘Bump To Birthday’ Pregnancy & New Baby Journal

review of bump to birthday pregnancy journalAt the beginning of February ‘From You To Me‘ sent my pregnant sister this adorable pregnancy journal to review.  She absolutely loves the journal and as she didn’t already have one she has written in her journal nearly every day since she received it.

The journal costs £19.99 and in 2014 it was awarded ‘Gold’ as the ‘Best Gift Book’ in the 2014 Independent Book Publisher Awards. After seeing this journal with my own eyes that news does not surprise me in the least! The journal is beautiful and very well thought out.

In the photos below (from their website) you can see some example pages from the Bump To Birthday Pregnancy Diary. Look at those gorgeous illustrations! The book is so cute and perfect for a mum-to-be to fill in with all the exciting news of the changes that are happening as her precious bump is growing.

review of bump to birthday pregnancy journalMy sister doesn’t have long now until her little boy is here and the best thing about this Bump To Birthday Pregnancy Journal is that the diary doesn’t finish when baby has arrived. Instead it goes up to the child’s 1st birthday! So really you could call it a Pregnancy and New Baby Journal. 🙂

When I was pregnant I had a couple of different pregnancy journals but neither of them were as fantastic as this one! I ended up writing a bit in both of my pregnancy books but didn’t fully complete either of them. They were nothing like this lovely diary that my sister has either, they didn’t have such pretty illustrations and there were nowhere near as many useful questions to be answered in relation to the pregnancy and first year of my child’s life. I wish I’d had this book back then!

review of bump to birthday pregnancy journalHere is a bit of info about the book based on the website description of the journal :-

Bump to Birthday is a beautifully designed, colour illustrated, combined pregnancy and first year baby journal.

Bump to Birthday will inspire you to capture the unique story of your pregnancy and your child’s precious first year. Allow an enjoyable half an hour or so each week to complete your journal – a great opportunity to put your feet up and reflect.

A combined pregnancy and new baby journal, this journal helps you to tell your own remarkable story and record your unique unrepeatable experiences.

The growth of your bump, your hopes and dreams, your birthing experience and the special moments with your new baby – from first movements to first smile, first Christmas to first birthday – will be treasured forever in one beautiful journal. 

The book provides week-by-week information on the developing bump as well as providing prompts to enable parents to tell their own remarkable story and record unique, unrepeatable experiences.

The pregnancy journey, hopes and dreams, the birthing experience and all the special moments with the new baby. In this book you can capture all those firsts, from first movements to first smile, first Christmas to first birthday. 

With spaces for photos and scan pictures, it will all be treasured forever in one beautiful journal. Bump to Birthday makes the perfect gift for each and every child.

from you to me journal reviewIf you would like to purchase one of the Bump To Birthday Journals then please visit this link – For an extra £10 you can even order a truly special personalised version of the journal which has the name of the mum-to-be (or a personal message ) on the front cover and inside the book.

This diary would make a wonderful gift for any new mum-to-be. My sister loves her book and is delighted that it was sent to her for review. It will forever be a treasured keepsake. Thank you so much to the team at ‘From You To Me’ for ever so kindly sending it to her 🙂

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