Review Of My Stylish Red Carnation Design Rattan & Rubber Tree Leaf Table Top Lamp & String Of ‘Fairy’ Lights From Zhambala

review of my rubber tree leaf table lamp from ZhambalaI completely fell in love with my new Red Carnation Rubber Tree Leaf & Rattan Table Lamp the minute it arrived! It was kindly sent to me by online Fair Trade retailer Zhambala to review on my blog and they also sent my daughter a string of battery powered LED ‘Fairy’ lights.

I was treated to super speedy next day delivery so my lamp arrived as quick as a flash! I’m not sure what options you would have for delivery if you place an order but you can find out more here or you could contact the company on +44 1372 383341.

Zhambala specialise in importing, finest quality hand made products from the Orient, predominantly Thailand. Most of their range is handcrafted in traditional ways by villagers mainly from central or northern Thailand. Their website address is if you fancy taking a look at the wonderful products they sell. They don’t only sell lighting, they also have handmade soaps, incense gift sets, wooden candle holders , bags made from real leaves and vases made from a combination of wood & glass.

The red carnation design table top flower bouquet lamp is made from real rubber tree leaves and rattan. It costs £49.55 for the table top version (65cm high) that I received but it is also available in a floor standing lamp version (95cm high) which is £57.95. Both versions are mains operated and have LED lights which provide a soft, ambient light that makes your room feel homely and cosy. There are 20 red carnation design flowers on this lamp and they are made from real rubber tree leaves.  Each of the flowers is embedded with a LED fairy light and it even comes with 3 spare bulbs in case they are needed in the future.

The lamp is very stylish and pretty. It provides a lovely light in my lounge when I turn it on in the evening.  It is lightweight but top heavy and so this means it is best to have it out of the reach of young children as they can easily catch the wispy rattan tendrels and then cause it to topple over.  I have had this lamp since the beginning of May and have used it nearly every evening since I got it. Before this arrived I had a floor standing standard lamp with a big lampshade but as I am so impressed with this table top flower bouquet lamp I am now going to be selling my old floor lamp at a car boot sale as I much prefer this lamp from Zhambala. 🙂

There are lots of different flower bouquet lights available on the Zhambala website. Click here to take a look at them all. Each floral design LED lamp is made from real leaves and the rattan wave vase that the flowers are held in is available in various different colours. Mine is the brown rattan version.

review of battery powered LED fairy lights from ZhambalaAs I mentioned earlier, Zhambala were very kind and also sent my daughter some LED Fairy Lights to put up in her room. To say she loves them would truly be an understatement!

The string of fairy design LED lights are battery powered and this means that you can put them wherever you like in the room as you don’t have to hang them up near a plug socket. I have put up some removable plastic hooks on the wall (I use Command hooks by 3M as they are my personal favourites because they don’t damage the wall!) and then I hung the fairy lights over the hooks so they draped down the wall

These fairy design lights are £19.95 and there are 20 LED lights on the 2.7 metre string. Each LED light is embedded in a pretty little fairy decoration with delicate wings and skirt that are embellished with sequins.  These fairies hang down from the string and look so wonderful when they are hanging from the wall.

Another thing that is great about these lights being battery powered is that if there is a power cut in the night then you can put the fairy lights on to provide some light and prevent your child getting scared in the dark. Please may I add that these lights could pose a possible strangulation hazard if your child got caught up in them so please be sure to only use them if you think your child is old enough to be careful around them and also make sure they are out of their reach so they can’t pull them down or break the delicate wings of the fairies. I’m not trying to put you off them….on the contrary – I highly recommend them! I just want you to know that if they are being used in a child’s room then you will need to make sure to hang them up in a safe position. Also as they are battery powered you will not have a lead trailing around the room that your child could trip up on or fiddle with whilst plugged in.

Zhambala stock lots of different designs of battery string lighting. My other personal favourites are the Rose Flower Lights and the Butterfly Lights.

review of LED lights from ZhambalaYou can read more about Zhambala on their website and if you would like to be kept up to date with their latest news and offers please consider liking them on facebook and following them on twitter.

They are a really friendly team and it has been a privilege to have this opportunity to review their lighting on my blog.

If you would like to order either of the products I have reviewed then here are the links you need :-

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