Review Of Coffee Bags – ‘Real Freshly Ground Coffee in a Teabag!!!’ – From Real Coffee Bag Co.

review of real coffee bag coIf you are looking for the taste of freshly ground coffee but in a convenient ‘teabag’ form then I know just what you need……Coffee bags from Real Coffee Bag Co.!

I love a cup of sweet milky coffee and have only ever had instant coffee in the house. I’ve never drunk coffee at home that has been made in a percolator. I have when I’ve been out in a cafe or at a restaurant but no freshly ground coffee while I’m at home, I’m afraid.

I was given the opportunity to try out some coffee bags from the Real Coffee Bag Co. and I couldn’t wait to try them as I would be able to see if there was a big improvement on taste when compared to the instant coffee that I usually buy.

I was sent the full range of their products and I shared the coffee bags out between me and my mum & dad.

Here are the blends we received (I received sample bags of 5 coffee bags of each buy when you buy them they have 15 coffee bags in each pack) :-

  • Nicaraguan Single Origin Speciality This is a light roast. This Rainforest Alliance Nicaraguan Single Origin Speciality Coffee made from the Catuai bean, has dried currant flavours with hints of mango and sweet oranges rounded off with butter-like sweetness a delight to the senses!
  • Home Blend –  This is a medium/dark roast. The Home Blend has a medium body which is complemented by deep red fruit acidity, cocoa sweetness and a pleasant lingering finish. The origins of the coffee are from a Rwanda coffee sourced from the Rutsiro and Rubavu regions in Western Rwanda, and Guatemalan coffee sourced from then Central Highlands make up this blend. Caturra and Bourbon varietal arabicas lend sweetness and complexity to the cup profile. Bright stone fruit and hints of plain chocolate in the finish round off this exceptional blend.  
  • Emirates Blend –  This is a medium roast. Sweet caramel toned decadence and layers of honeyed soft fruits combined with a medium roast to give a well balanced and intriguing cup profile. Brazilian arabicas sourced from the Minas Gerais state of Southern Brazil form the base of this blend. A hint of Central American arabica from the Jinotega region of Nicaragua adds a lighter citric acidity to the blend.  
  • Iberian BlendThe medium roast of the Brazil Espresso beans creates a buttery, caramel, sweetness with some vanilla notes. This sweetness combines with ripe stone fruit like acidity to create a pleasant, lingering finish. This is a well-balanced espresso which is interesting when drank alone but has enough body to cut through milk.  
  • White Blend (Decaf) –  This is a medium roast. 100% Colombian Arabica decaffeinated product. This coffee retains all the characteristics and flavour of an Arabica coffee with none of the caffeine  

Well what can I say…the taste of the coffee bags are fantastic and they are so easy to use! Just pop a coffee bag into a cup and pour on boiling water and let it steep for a few minutes. Exactly as you would do if you were making a cup of tea. 😀

The coffee smell that you get when making a cup of coffee using these coffee bags is amazing. It’s just like walking into a coffee shop that serves freshly ground coffee! I love the smell of coffee…it certainly wakes me up in the morning!

I have decided that my favourite is the light roast Nicaraguan Single Origin coffee bag as I appreciated the light roast flavour the most. I did like all the others but some were stronger than others so for my palette they required more sugar and milk in them. The Nicaraguan one was the one that I found myself drinking the most….and there might be a slight possibility that my parents didn’t get to try this one as I kept all of these coffee bags to myself!

These coffee bags from Real Coffee Bag Co. really do taste different to instant coffee. I am no coffee connoisseur but I would say that these coffee bags make coffee that tastes very smooth and much less grainy than the instant coffee I usually drink.  I do find that you get a fine sediment at the bottom of your coffee mug with these coffee bags but this is perfectly normal and even occurs with the instant coffee I use….I just know to avoid drinking the last bit of coffee from my cup.

I like that you can take these coffee bags with you when you go on holiday (camping, caravanning, staying in a hotel) and still have the taste of freshly ground coffee when you are away from the comfort of your own home….no percolator needed! My dad has always been a fan of coffee sachets has he can take them with him to work but he has found that these coffee bags are just as convenient.

Each individual coffee bag is packed with 10g of ground coffee.  On one occasion me and my mum even shared one coffee bag between the two of us as it we drank our coffee from my dad’s ‘posh coffee cups’ 🙂

The coffee bags come in a zip-seal pouch and they can be bought in a pack of 15 coffee bags (Mine were sample packs with 5 in each but these are not available to buy I’m afraid) or in a big 1kg catering pack.  The coffee bags are available to buy from their very own website, from etsy, Amazon and ebay.  The prices vary depending on which site you buy from however on Amazon a 150g pouch of the Nicaraguan Single Origin Speciality Coffee Bags is £6.99 with free delivery (so roughly 46p a cup) and the Home blend is £3.90 for a 150g pouch with free delivery (roughly 26p a cup). The prices for the 150g pouches of the other blends are in between those two.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post and that you liked my very ‘amateur’ videos (part 1, 2, 3) of me making a cup of coffee with my coffee bag. The process of making a cup of coffee with a coffee bag is really very simple but I split my video into 3 because I wanted to show the 3 steps.

Step 1 – Pick your coffee bag and pop it in a mug with just boiling water.

Step 2 – Leave to stand for 2-5 mins depending on the strength required, stirring occasionally. Remove your coffee bag when your coffee is the strength you require.

Step 3 – Add milk and sugar to taste. Enjoy your cup of coffee!

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