Review Of The Antibacterial Ecoegg Laundry Egg Kit. TSV Pack On QVC – Monday 13th July 2015

ecoegg TSV for QVCI feel so privileged to bring you this review as I have had the opportunity to road-test something before it was available to the public.  I was asked to review the special Ecoegg (laundry egg) kit that has been selected as a TSV (Today’s Special Value) product on QVC for Monday 13th July 2015.

The kit contains their brand new Antibacterial Laundry Eggs in a special fragrance called Orange Blossom plus there are other products in the kit too! The Antibacterial Laundry Eggs and the Orange Blossom fragrance are exclusive to QVC!

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg is a money-saving, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to washing powder. It is a reusable egg that you fill with a mixture of mineral and tourmaline pellets. This pellet mix acts as a natural detergent when put in the washing machine with your dirty clothes. 

Ecoegg were very kind and asked me if they could send me one of their special TSV kits to try out before it became available on QVC as the TSV on Monday 13th July and I jumped at the chance as I already knew just how fantastic Ecoeggs are as my mum reviewed one back in March and I wanted one for myself! 🙂 Plus I was delighted they had considered me as reviewer!

Let me tell you why the TSV Ecoegg kit they sent me is so special. Before I explain everything that comes in the box, I shall show you a photo :-

ecoegg TSV for QVCAs you can see from the photo you are getting a fabulous selection of products in the TSV special. I cannot reveal the price ….afraid you have to wait until 00.01 on Monday 13th July to find that out but I have a sneaking suspicion that Ecoegg might reveal it on their facebook page before the big day.

I can tell you that by buying this kit on QVC you will be paying less than half the price that you would pay if you bough the items separately from the Ecoegg site. WOW! That is a bargain! To be honest the Ecoeggs are perfectly affordable without being on offer so to be able to get all of this at a TSV price on QVC that is even cheaper than normal is amazing value and an offer you really should consider taking up.  This is the link to the QVC website and if you visit at 00.01 on 13th July or watch their shopping channel on TV then you will see the Ecoegg TSV pack announced on their show and you can get your order in!

The QVC Ecoegg TSV kit contains the following items :-

  • Two Antibacterial Laundry Eggs, one for your colours (orange egg) and one for your whites (white egg), with refill pellets in QVC exclusive fragrance – Orange Blossom. They will last a total of 864 washes (432 washes each egg!). The new antibacterial Ecoegg is a world’s first for Ecoegg and their scientists have been working on it for years and have now released it as part of this special TSV kit for QVC. The silver button on the laundry eggs represents the silver ions which have been impregnated within the Laundry Egg making it antibacterial.
  • Two Laundry Egg Cup Holders with suction pads. These are a great idea! Now that they have launched these Ecoegg egg cup stands you can suction the stand to your tiles or worktop and have your Ecoegg stored safely out of the way so you always know where to find it. Also these stands have been made with “regrind” which is the left-over plastic from making the Ecoeggs. This regrind usually has to be thrown away but because they can now use it to make egg stands it no longer has to be sent to landfill.
  • A double size tube of Stain Remover. This is their biggest size ever of their powerful, multipurpose Stain Remover and it will tackle even the toughest of stains. It can be applied onto clothes with your finger and then rubbed in as there are no harsh chemicals in it.  The Stain Remover contains powerful plant extracts which gently breakdown the bonds between the dirt and the fabric, and is formulated from non-toxic, gentle ingredients, so it’s kind for sensitive skin.
  • A multi-layered Ultimate Detox Tablet. This will keep your washing machine sparkling and your clothes fresh. The TSV kit contains 1 mega detox tablet that you put into your washing machine at the hottest temperature on the longest wash setting you have. It will give your washing machine a really good once-over clean – even in the areas you can’t see. If you are starting off using Ecoegg laundry eggs for the first time it is a good idea to use the detox tablet so that it can clean away any left over soap powder and detergent in your machine and get rid of nasty odours.

ecoegg TSV for QVCAs I mentioned earlier, my Mum has been using her standard , non-antibacterial Ecoegg since February and absolutely loves it! She has not used or bought any washing powder since she was sent the Ecoegg to review.

At first, like many people I think, she was dubious that a plastic egg filled with little pellets would actually clean her clothes and replace the need for washing detergent. She didn’t need much convincing though…just one wash and she was hooked! She was very impressed with the cleaning results and she is still just as happy now that she has been using it for 6 months. She was sent a 210 wash pack and she uses her current Ecoegg on both coloured and white laundry and even then she has only topped up the pellets once or twice. Ecoegg recommend topping up the pellets when they are about half their original size, when cleaning power has declined or after 72 washes. Who knows how many washes my Mum has actually done in that time but what we do know is that she hasn’t spent any money since February on buying washing detergent or fabric conditioner (as she was sent a bottle of their fantastic concentrated fabric conditioner to review). How money-saving can you get!

Right… here are my thoughts on this new TSV Ecoegg kit for QVC. Firstly I think it is amazing value. I know what the TSV price is going to be when it goes on sale on Monday 13th July and I think it is real bargain. When you consider how much money you could potentially spend on buying washing detergent and stain remover in a year then you can see that an 864 wash Ecoegg kit like this will last a long time and not cost you a lot of money per wash!

It contains no harsh chemicals, is money-saving and most importantly – it works! Before I started using my Ecoegg I used the mega detox tablet in my washing machine as I wanted to make sure it was squeaky clean before I started washing my clothes the new eco way….that is economical and eco-friendly!

The detox tablet is easy to use, just take it out of the wrapper and pop into the drum at the highest temperature for the longest wash setting. It doesn’t really bubble or froth, just dissolves and cleans. 🙂

ecoegg detox tabletI have been using my new orange Antibacterial Ecoegg since it arrived with me and I love the new Orange Blossom fragrance. It is fresh, summery and subtle. It is not overpowering but you can tell there is some scent on your clothing…like a hint of fragrance. It is never going to be anything like the strong fragrance you get from using a standard washing detergent from a bottle but it most definitely makes your clothing smell and feel clean which is, after all, the most important thing.

When you wash your clothes with an Ecoegg you don’t really get many suds or bubbles in your washing machine, I’m not going to lie – that does take a bit of getting used to but once you have seen that you still get clean clothes after your wash it does make you realise that you probably don’t need all those suds anyway!

ecoegg TSV for QVCAs with all washing detergents, I am sure there are going to be stains that it might need a couple of washes to get out but if that occasion arises I also have the big tube of Stain Remover to use on the stains. I am very happy with my Ecoegg kit that I was sent and I look forward to all the money I will be saving. Admittedly I only ever really used cheap detergents up until receiving this Ecoegg but as I have so many refill pellets this kit will last me a long time so whatever money I save will be a bonus. If you normally buy expensive detergent then this coudl save you a small fortune over a year! The best thing  for me is that I now know that I am washing in an eco-friendly way and I feel much better knowing that I am making a difference.

I am giving the white Ecoegg and one of the egg cup stands to my mum as she does a lot of white washing but I don’t really have much white clothing to wash. She loves that she will now have a second Ecoegg with its accompanying Orange Blossom refills as that means her first laundry egg will now last even longer as it will be used less because she now has the white one to use as well.

It has been an absolute pleasure to review this special QVC Today’s Special Value Ecoegg kit for you all and I hope you will consider purchasing one while it on their special 24 hour offer. Don’t forget that the deal will go live at 00.01 on Monday 13th July and it will be on the QVC website and it will be shown live on the QVC shopping channel on TV.

If you have any questions about the Ecoegg or the TSV deal then please get in touch with the Ecoegg company via social media (facebook and twitter) or by email. They are a lovely team of people and are really passionate about their eco-friendly, award-winning cleaning products. As is Kim Woodburn from the popular TV show ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ who endorses the laundry products.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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