Shop At The Works For ‘Back-To-School’ Essentials For Home Educating Parents

Back To School with The WorksI have really been looking forward to writing this sponsored post in collaboration with The Works as I love an excuse to browse their site! If you are a home educating parent, like myself, then I am sure you have visited their online or high street shops at some point as they have so many educational bargains! If you haven’t then I most definitely recommend you pop over to their website and have a look.

The title of this blog post should really be Shop At The Works For ‘Not-Back-To-School’ Essentials For Home Educating Parents because when September comes, for many of us parents,  it doesn’t actually signify that school is about to start again. To be honest when you home-educate (depending on how you choose to do it, of course) the education never really stops for the summer as each new day and each trip out brings with it opportunities to learn new things.

Take, for example,  a trip to the supermarket….your child can do literacy by reading the labels, do some maths by adding up food prices, learn some all important life skills such as budgeting and decision making by deciding which food to go for depending on the price and whether it fits in the budget you have set them (say £5 to buy the fruit for a week) , social skills can be practiced by ordering cheese from the deli counter and chatting to the cashier when paying for your shopping and logic can be used to work out the best way to pack the bags and get them to fit in the boot of the car!

The Works sell so many different products that are useful to those that home-educate. Here are my recommendations on some products that you might like to purchase for the months ahead:-

Back To School with The Works

  • Texet Pocket Calculator – This handy calculator is currently on sale for £1.99 instead of the RRP of £2.99. It would be very useful to take this with you on those shopping trips I mentioned a while ago.

Back To School with The Works

  • Gold Stars Starting Work Books – Ages 3-5 – This set of educational work books is a steal at just £9.00 for the 5 books. They have an RRP of £19.95. My daughter loves these gold star books as you get a sticker when you complete the exercises.

Back To School with The Works

  • Primary Explorers Human BodyThis 32 page book sounds very informative and it is recommended for children aged 6-9 years. It contains stickers, artwork, information and posters on the topic of the Human Body. It is on offer for just £2.99 instead of the RRP of £4.99.

Back To School with The Works

Back To School with The Works

  • Olivia Owl Sewing Kit For Kids – This cute sewing kit is a great way to introduce your child to the much loved hobby of hand-sewing. This kit is on offer for just £4.00 instead of the RRP of £9.99.

Back To School with The Works

  • Children’s Activity Atlas – This first atlas for children looks like a good addition to the book shelf. It is on offer for £8.99 instead of the RRP of £9.99 and it contains essential geographical information such as countries and states, capital cities, principal mountains, rivers and lakes.

Other home education essentials that you can buy from The Works include exercise books, felt tip pens, science & history books , scrap books , ring binders and most importantly of all….. kids reading books and plenty of them! 🙂 Their 10 books for £10 offer (selected books) is amazing!

kids reading booksThe Works have over 300 stores on high streets nationwide and you can also shop with them 24/7 by visiting their online home at

You can choose to have free click & collect (to selected stores) on your order or there is free delivery on orders over £20 (delivery charges apply to orders under £20). Find out more by clicking here.

When you purchase from The Works you will also gain ‘Together Rewards‘ points (if you decide to sign up and get a card for free) and you will get 5 points for every £1 spent. Each point is equivalent to a penny so 50 points will give you a 50p off voucher. You receive your vouchers every 3 months and at the moment they can only be spent in store but they are working on changing the website so that you will soon be able to redeem your vouchers online.

If you would like to visit The Works on social media then here are the links you will need. Facebook , Twitter , You Tube , Pinterest, Google+ , The Works Blog (Exciting news…in late September I will be ‘guest posting’ over on their blog and I’ll be reviewing some products they are going to be sending me….I can’t wait!)

Find your nearest The Works store here —>

Thanks for reading  🙂

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