Behold The Luxurious KeriKit Leather Changing Bags! Pre-Order Your Limited Edition Handbag Now!

kerikit changing bagsIn today’s collaborative post I would like to introduce you all to luxury changing bag brand KeriKit. If you haven’t already heard of the luxury leather changing bags then I am sure you soon will as they are due to officially launch on September 1st and it won’t be long until all the celebrities are talking about these high-end designer handbags!

Even though they haven’t yet officially launched they have already been acknowledged as finalists in the ‘Best Gift For A New Mum’ category of the Beauty Shortlist Baby Awards 2015 and already 10% of the stock of the limited edition changing bags has already been sold in pre-orders.

kerikit changing bagsThe lady behind the brand is Keri Jamieson who is a mum to 3 year old Jasper and 1 year old twins, Charlie & Aryella. She was inspired to create her luxury changing bag brand when she was left disappointed when searching for a suitable changing bag to use with her 3 under 3s. Keri wanted an oversized changing bag that she could fill with all the essentials for 3 kids, such as nappies, bottles and spare clothes but she didn’t want to have to compromise on style just because she wanted a changing bag suitable for multiples. Although sadly it seemed she would have to do just that as the bag she longed for just didn’t exist! So what did Keri do? She designed and manufactured her luxury KeriKit bags so she could get the bag she dreamed of …and now so can you!

Keri is no stranger to handbag design as she has been designing handbags for most of the major high street brands for the past 15 years but she hadn’t bargained on needing to design her own changing bag! She loves stylish designer handbags that demand admiring glances from all who see it and because of her passion for fashion she has cleverly developed a luxury changing bag brand that you just know will turn heads!

kerikit changing bagsThe KeriKit changing bags are uber-stylish and effortlessly elegant but most importantly they are practical and functional. The bags have been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail plus each one has an internal removable organiser (IRO) so that you can use your KeriKit as a baby changing bag when necessary and as a ‘not so ordinary’ handbag for those times when you don’t need to take a mountain of baby wipes and toys out with you. This dual functionality means that your KeriKit bag will outlast your child’s years of toddlerdom and can be continuously used for many years to come as the luxurious handbag that it was designed to be.

The first collection of KeriKit bags has 8 impressive styles of changing bag for you to choose from and Keri has lovingly named each one after a member of her family.  They are all limited edition with only 50 of each design being available to buy. You can pre-order your very own KeriKit bag here.

The prices start at £350 and go up to £375. These are not cheap changing bags designed to last a year, they are the complete opposite. They are timeless luxury leather handbags that are intended to be loved and appreciated for decades. A KeriKit bag changes with you – first you use it as a chic changing bag for those all important baby essentials and then once the time comes that you no longer require a baby bag all you do is take out the IRO and you have yourself a classic oversized handbag that is ideal as a handbag or perfect as a business bag because it can even fit your laptop in!

Although the KeriKit changing bags have been designed with twins and multiples in mind you don’t need to have more than 1 child to be able to appreciate the freedom it gives you having a bag that is so spacious. There will be plenty of room to pop in all the things you need for a day out and you won’t have to spend ages trying to close the bag without breaking the zip.

kerikit changing bagsIf you are a mum to twins or multiples then Keri especially recommends the Aryella and Keri Jane bags to you as they are bigger and have multiple pockets. The Keri Jane can actually fit up to 6 bottles in it just by utilising the end pockets and the two inside bottle holders.

Aryella is available in a Python snake print leather or in a full grained black Nappa Leather style which is 10% bigger than the Python design. Keri Jane is made in a naked leather.

The Jasper bag can be bought in Anaconda or Zebra whilst the Charlie bag is available in Pony or Tan. It’s not just feminine handbags in the KeriKit changing bag collection though. There is also the Scotty ‘Man Bag’ available.

kerikit changing bagsAll KeriKit bags come with the following as standard:

  • Lots of external front, back and end pockets.
  • The internal removable organiser (IRO). This is the unique removable organiser part of the bag with a multitude of pockets, a dummy / key holder and two bottle holders at each end of the centre zip compartment.
  • An extra wide removable cross body strap with a matching leather padded shoulder support strap.
  • Oversized zip pullers, giving you easy access, and a two way zip at the top of the bag so it can be worn on either shoulder and still be easy to get reach inside to get something out.
  • A waterproof lined pocket at the base of the bag, perfect for dirty nappies, soiled clothes or an umbrella.
  • Large oversize feet to protect the base of your beautiful bag.
  • A dust bag to keep your bag safe and sound if it isn’t in use.
  • A keyring with a small photo frame and a concealed mirror so you can check how amazing you look with your KeriKit bag on your arm!

kerikit changing bagsIf you have any questions regarding the bags and would like a bit of advice about which style is best suited to your needs then please don’t hesitate to contact Keri. I have had the pleasure of chatting to her via twitter in preparation for this post and I have to say that it has been a delight to chat to such a lovely friendly person. 🙂 She is extremely passionate about her business and just recently KeriKit has been named as ‘Small Business of the Week’ by Nick Brown, a business expert with a prime slot on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2. You can read all about it here. Congratulations Keri!

You can get in touch with Keri via email , facebook, or twitter. You can also follow her company news on Instagram, You Tube and Pinterest.

To order a KeriKit luxury leather changing bag please visit



*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with KeriKit. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the luxurious changing bags  🙂

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