Mapping the UK – Your Guide to the Great Outdoors

mAPPING-THE-UKI just wanted to share this Outdoor Guide to UK with you. It was sent across to me by as they are ‘Mapping the UK‘ and creating this clickable outdoor guide that pinpoints lots of outdoor activities.

You can even add your own ideas…all you have to do is email or click the ‘contribute’ button at the top of the map and you can tell them your favourite UK outdoor beauty spots or picnic areas etc that you would like adding to the map.

Here on ‘My Mummy Reviews’ I have reviewed for Dickies Store before as they kindly sent my dad a new soft shell jacket to road-test in December last year and this week they have sent my sister’s partner a pair of wellies to review. He is going to try them out on his next fishing trip and then I will publish the review on my blog.   In the meantime, if you need to buy yourself some new wellington boots then here’s where to get them —>

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