Review Of No Added Sugar, Simply Fruit Granola Range From Cereal Lovers

cereal lovers granola reviewI was contacted on twitter by Craig over at as he wondered if I would like to try out their new range of no added sugar, simply fruit granolas.

I was sent the following products to try out –

Each of these healthy granolas is £3.95 for a 400g box. If you would like to purchase a sample size so you can try them out then it is £1.35 for a 60g box. There are P+P charges to pay unless you order over £16 in which case they deliver for free within the UK.

The cereals arrived and I divided the boxes up between my family so everyone could give them a try.  The over-riding opinion was that they were rather different from the granola we are used to because they were nowhere near as sweet.  They are fruity and taste healthy. We were all happy to let our kids eat them as they have no added sugar and contain only natural ingredients.

The portion size is rather small for an adult…I would have said that I am just greedy (which I am!) but my sister-in-law also thought that the recommended portion size was not quite what we were used to eating for breakfast. Of course there is no-one stopping you giving yourself extra helpings if you wish but of course the amount of calories etc will then be increased and then your breakfast wouldn’t be quite so healthy! 🙂

cereal lovers granola review

Source :-

Here is a testimonial of the products from a buyer at a big distribution company :-

“I took the apple one home and tried it with my kids, and the result was a resounding thumbs up! Really tasty and loved how it was tangy and not overly sweet like a lot of granolas.”

cereal lovers granola reviewThe granolas have been shortlisted in the Free From Awards 2015 and you can read more about those awards here.

All of Cereal Lovers fruit granolas are free from refined sugar, salt, eggs, milk, nuts, mustard, celery, sesame, lupin, sulphur dioxide, crustaceans, mollusc and fish. Although their products are free from nuts they do state that they may contain traces of nut.

Here are the ingredients for each fruit granola :-

simply apple granola

oats, apple juice, rapeseed oil, barley malt, apple pieces, natural flavouring

simply orange granola

oats, orange juice, rapeseed oil, barley malt, orange pieces, natural flavouring.

simply blackcurrant & apple granola

oats, blackcurrant juice, rapeseed oil, apple juice, barley malt, apple pieces, blackcurrants, natural flavouring.

simply banana & chocolate granola

oats, banana juice, chocolate (cocoa, fibre, cocoa butter, sweetener: erythritol, fat-reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier: soya,, lecithin, natural flavouring, sweetener: stevoil glycosides) rapeseed oil, barley malt, banana pieces, banana powder, natural flavouring

The allergens are shown in bold.

cereal lovers granola reviewCereal Lovers make their Simply Fruit granolas using rapeseed oil; a source of vitamin e and fruit juice; a source of vitamin c. These vitamins act as antioxidants, protecting the body from free radicals which can cause adverse health effects. The granolas are good for diabetics as they contain no refined sugars and are high in fibre which is part of a healthy and balanced diet. However they do recommend that diabetics should follow dietary advice in line with their diabetes management plan.

The Simply Fruit granolas are free from salt which helps to maintain optimum blood pressure and they consist of mono-saturated fats, soluble fibre, and fruit which can help to reduce cholesterol levels. The mono-unsaturated fat from the rapeseed oil is beneficial to heart health as it helps to increase the healthier (good) form of cholesterol in your blood.

And last but not least, the Simply Fruit granolas are suitable for vegans & vegetarians as there are no sources of butter or honey in them.

As you can see Cereal Lovers have put a lot of thought into their cereals and what ingredients they are made of. This is because they want you to have the utmost confidence in what you are eating and giving to your child for breakfast. I am very impressed by the company and I think it is great they have taken the initiative to produce a granola that is free from refined sugar, amongst other things.

cereal lovers granola reviewI am going to be very honest though and say that these granolas are not sweet enough for my liking. Personally I am rather taken with sweet, nutty granolas and these Simply Fruit granolas are nothing like that….but the thing is….they are not supposed to be! They are what they are…a healthy Simply Fruit granola that is Free From refined sugar and lots of different allergens. They have a great selection of flavours, they are fairly priced and they will be a wonderful breakfast cereal for people that are looking to eat granola that is free from certain allergens and has no refined sugar.

These Cereal Lover cereals are great for kids as they are filling, not too sweet and the oats look brightly coloured in their bowl because of the natural fruit juice that has been added along with the dried fruit pieces.

I hope that one day these will be available on the shelves in all major supermarkets so lots of people get the opportunity to discover this new ‘Free From’ breakfast cereal. 🙂

If you would like to buy yourself a box of Cereal Lover Simply Fruit Granola online then please click here.

It would be fantastic if you could stop by and follow the Cereal Lovers on facebook , twitter and Instagram. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about their granolas and it would be much appreciated if you could tell your friends about their products. Thanks everyone.

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