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review of adesso mable shoes from got chatting on twitter to the friendly team over at and they kindly said they would send me a pair of Mable shoes by Adesso to review on my blog. I had requested a size 6 as that it what I usually am in shoes however I do also have very wide fitting feet.

I had never heard of Adesso before and was rather taken by the funky design of their Mable shoes! The sole is a really cool spiky design that looks very fun and fashionable. This particular style is available in 3 colourways :-Black,  Bonsai (green, blue, grey & white) and Tutti Frutti ( lots of bright colours!)

The shoes are priced at £29.00 and you even get free 2nd class tracked delivery within the UK. If you would prefer to get them a bit quicker you can opt for 1st class tracked for £3.50 or you can even pay a bit more than that and have the option of next day delivery. You can see all postage prices here.

The Mable shoes by Adesso are made in a very unique way…they are intertwined elastic formed into the upper of the shoe and ankle strap. I have never seen footwear like it before and was very intrigued about what they would look like in real life. Sometimes things don’t look the same in reality as they do in photos on the internet but that wasn’t the case with these shoes. They looked just as fab when they arrived as they did on my computer screen!

review of adesso mable shoes from when the black version of Mable arrived I found them to be a bit too tight because of my foot width but also they are quite snug in the sizing. A size 7 would have probably been better. I was intending to send them back to change sizes or maybe styles (as Adesso do have other styles of their woven elastic shoe available) but I thought I would let my mum try them on first in case they would fit her.

Well…..the shoes fit and my mum loves them! She thinks the elastic strapping is a great idea and she is really happy that the shoes are so lightweight as it makes them really easy to wear. The elastic is still rather snug on her feet too but not as much so as when I had them on. She is confident that the elastic will stretch a bit after they’ve been worn a few times and then she thinks they will then be even comfier to walk in.

Both of us would have loved the brightly coloured Tutti Frutti Mable shoes but we do feel that the black version is much more practical as they can then be worn with any colour of outfit.  The price of just under £30 is reasonable for these shoes as you can tell they have been made to a high standard and they are a fun and original design.

review of adesso mable shoes from Adesso Mable shoes have a synthetic sole which provides support and traction, the shoe upper is made of stretchy elastic, they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and if needs be, they can be washed up to 5 times on a 30 degree wash in your washing machine.

It’s a shame that the shoes were too tight for me but I don’t begrudge my mum a nice comfy pair of shoes so I am delighted that FootArt sent these sandals to us for review. 🙂 Thank you FootArt!

The other styles of Adesso shoes available at the moment from FootArt are as follows :-

Bess, Ella, Laura, Layla, Ria, Saskia, Tia, Lisa, Meg, Rachel, Jessie and Lexie.

There really is a style of Adesso shoe to suit everyone. There are wedges, open toe sandals, closed toe shoes and even boots! You can browse the whole collection on this link.

The collage photo below shows you all the current styles of Adesso available at FootArt (excluding Mable as they can be seen in the other photos). However the photo only shows a selection of the colourways.

buy adesso shoes onlineIf you would like to be kept up to date with the latest sales and new additions to the website then please keep an eye on their blog, follow them on twitter or like their facebook page.

FootArt also sell lots of other branded shoes for men, women and kids. Other brands they sell include Crocs, Skechers, Superga and Birkenstock.

If you would like to buy a pair of Adesso Mable shoes, just like the ones I have reviewed for you today, the link you need is as follows —->

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