Review Of Magformers WOW Set For Kids. A Magnetic Shape Set That Will Get Your Child Thinking!

magformers reviewMagformers UK kindly sent my daughter a WOW Set to review which has an RRP of £29.99.  She has been road testing this 3D magnetic shape set for a few months now and the appeal that it had when it first arrived is still there to this day! The kit that we were sent comes with wheel sets so that she can construct her own toy vehicles using the magnetic shapes….she has had so much fun doing this! There is even a magnetic square that has a boy figure incorporated into it so that when it is put into the construction of a vehicle it looks like he is the driver / pilot.

Here is a description of the Magformers WOW kit that we were sent :-

Magformers WOW Set is one of the most popular sets. It is great fun for children from 3 years old and is a perfect introduction to the range of construction sets. It would particularly appeal to children who love cars.

  • Consists of a total of 16 pieces: squares, triangles, a special pilot boy element and 2 wheel sets.
  • Includes 22 nicely illustrated double-sided plan maps showing how to play with Magformers.
  • Offers 8 patterns demonstrating how easy it is to build with Magformers
  • Includes 11 patterns for Magformers youngest fans from 3 years old
  • Suggests 20 models of vehicles which can be designed with the set Magformers Wow Set received the well-deserved Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award Golden Seal 2013.

This video below was made by Magformers and it guides you through exactly what you get in the WOW set that my daughter was sent and the figures, shapes and vehicles that can be made with the magnetic pieces.


I am very impressed by this kit. I like the vibrant colours as they are visually appealing, the chunky shape of the pieces means that I am happy to let my 6 year old daughter play with them because they are not as tiny as other magnetic kits out there and the amount of vehicles, planar shapes and 3D models that she can make with just these 16 magnetic shapes is amazing! There are colourful guides that show you 20 vehicles that can be made plus there are cards that have planar shapes and figures on them that your child can construct. The quality of the kit is outstanding and the magnetic shapes and guide cards fit away nice and neatly into the box that they came in…which is always a massive bonus!


Magformers develops the imagination and the mind
Magformers – best three dimensional game for the development of imagination, spatial thinking and general thinking skills. Kids can turn flat objects in three-dimensional, learn the principles of magnetism.


magformers magnetic shapes review My daughter loves the Magformers set and enjoys playing with the magnetic shapes.  It is good to know that the sets can actually be added to by buying more kits and then combining the pieces. Just imagine the things you could make with a few sets!

I home educate my daughter and I like that the guide cards that come in the kit give the names of the planar shapes and figures. It is a fun toy for your child to play that has underlying educational elements. For me the best bit is that the kit shows magnetism to your child and gives you the opportunity to explain to them how magnets work (Here is a great resource I found – It is also great that your child can construct the 3D shapes and see how they look from different angles. Also when your child sees the flat magnetic pieces it is good for them to be able to use their mind to visualise how they can construct the 3D shape of their choice.

The vehicle construction guidance cards in the pack don’t show you ‘how’ to construct the vehicles… instead they just show you an image of the finished vehicle that your child needs to carefully observe.  At first I thought this was a real shame as some of the vehicles look tricky to make but after having a go at making the vehicles with my daughter I realised that this lack of step by step guidance for the vehicles was actually a blessing in disguise! It meant that your child needs to think carefully about how they can make their 2D magnetic shapes turn into a 3D vehicle and it allows them to have the thrill of achievement when they finally make the car of their choice. It is also evident that they experience a real sense of pride in their work and abilities because they know they were skilled enough to work out which shapes went where so that they ended up with the vehicle they were trying to make.


Last month it was announced that Magformers kits will soon be stocked in Hamleys and Early Learning Centre shops around the UK. I have to say that this comes as no surprise to me to hear that they were impressed with the magnetic kits. After all, you can tell from my review that both me and my daughter are happy to recommend the sets to you! 🙂

Besides the WOW set which we received for review, other sets include Magformers Carnival Set, Magformers Inspire 30 Set and Magformers LED Lighted Set. You can browse through all 21 of the available sets on this link – Prices range from £14.99 for the Magformers 14 set and go up to £349.99 for the massive 298 piece set called Miracle Brain….it looks awe-inspiring!

If you would like to read a bit more about Magformers and the safety of the product (All magnets are properly encapsulated in strong plastic, which prevents their extraction and possible swallowing), the awards they have gained and the skills that your child will learn through playing with their sets…then please click here.

You can keep up to date with the latest news from Magformers UK by liking them on facebook or by following them on twitter. You can also watch loads more videos by paying a visit to their You Tube channel.

Click here to buy the Magformers WOW set.

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