Review Of Various Brands Of Beef Jerky And Biltong From Plus A 10% off Code To Be Used On Your First Order!

review of beef jerky and beef biltong from sent me over a selection of Biltong and Jerky to review on my blog.  There is a huge range of beef jerky and biltong available on their site and Boon (the founder of the company) was very kind and picked 8 different brands to send over for me to taste test.

Before I embarked on this jerky review I thought that each pack would probably be the same kind of flavour and texture but it turned out I was very wrong. It was quite surprising just how different each packet tasted!

Here are the links to the Jerky and Biltong products I was sent and my thoughts on each :-

(Please note that these are my personal opinions and therefore the reviews are very subjective. Just because I found a particular jerky to be chewy or soft doesn’t mean that you will feel the same way. There’s only one way to be certain what you will think of each one…Buy it and Try it! 😀 )

  • Coan Beef Jerky – Barbeque (25g) – This jerky was very smooth and it had no visible seasoning. It was rather chewy and I found there was quite a lot of tough bits in this one. The BBQ flavouring was quite mild and this had a very meaty taste. Even though this is described as ‘soft eat jerky’ I found it to be a bit too chewy for my liking. (Sorry there is no picture in the collage below but I ate this when I was out and about without my camera) This is £1.95 a pack.
  • Isle of Wight Greeff’s Beef Biltong – Oak Smoked (30g) –  I found this to be a bit dry for my liking. It is an air cured biltong. It didn’t have too much flavour except for the subtle smoked taste. I would probably not go for this one again as some of the pieces were quite thick and hard to chew. If you like chewy biltong then you are sure to love it! The pieces were all different sizes and thicknesses. This is £1.99 a pack.
  • Laverstoke Park Beef Jerky – Classic (50g) –  This was my no 1 favourite beef jerky from this taste test! It was tender and easy to chew. The flavour was slightly sweet and smokey. I loved the smokiness of this beef jerky! This was slightly chewy but not too much so. You got lots in the pack and it was a good price at £2.49.  This had a rich meaty colour and there was a small amount of visible seasoning. The jerky was evenly sized bite-size pieces that had been smoked with applewood. It was in a resealable bag which had no oxgen absorber packet in it , unlike the other 7 packs.  This was very moreish and I was sad when this had all gone!

review of beef jerky and beef biltong from

  • Jerky Company Beef Jerky – Deep South Dixie BBQ (35g) –  I found some of these jerky pieces to be so chewy I couldn’t eat them. The pieces were all different sizes and thicknesses. This had a different type of BBQ taste than normal and I found it to be not quite sweet enough for my liking….great if you don’t like the really sweet BBQ flavour jerky though.  You get a lot of jerky in the packet and this company is a Guild Of Fine Food member. This is £1.25 a pack.
  • M-EAT! Beef Biltong – Chilli Chutney (75g) – This was a big size packet and the jerky had a nice flavour. It was not too spicy, the meat had a deep meaty colour and the jerky was in good size pieces. This is £4.00 a pack.
  • Texas Joe’s Beef Jerky – Low & Slow BBQ (50g)This was my 2nd favourite beef jerky from this taste test! . It was rather spicy but still sweet. It had a nice kick to it and a great BBQ taste.  The jerky pieces were thick however they were easy to chew as they were so tender.  I would most definitely buy this again and recommend it to you all! This was filling, had a lovely proper BBQ taste and was very moreish! This is on offer at £2.45 a packet.
  • Raging Bull Venison Biltong – Original (40g) – I’m not much of a venison eater so I decided not to try this one out as it didn’t really appeal to me. The Venison biltong pieces were small in size and looked like they had a rather chewy texture. They came in an easy-to-rip paper packet.  This biltong had a rather strong smell and the pieces looked rather dry. It was made from Red Deer Vension.  If you are a fan of the gamey flavour of Venison then I’m sure it is a product you would like to try. This is on offer for £3.15 a packet.
  • Wild West Beef Jerky – Honey BBQ Flavour (50g)  – This was my 3rd favourite! This jerky has visible seasoning and the taste is lovely. There is a slight kick to it but it is not too spicy. I didn’t find this to be too sweet even though it is honey bbq flavour. I liked the smokey taste. I have bought this jerky before and would buy it again! This is £2.25 a pack.

As I mentioned before these reviews are entirely subjective and you may differ in opinion if you try out the products. I am not an expert on beef jerky – I have only tried it a few times before setting out to review all these different brands. I had commented on twitter that I had just eaten Been Jerky for the first few times and that I loved it! Boon then offered me the fantastic chance to review their products so I could see which ones I liked. Thank you MeatSnacker!

I have enjoyed having the opportunity to try out the products and am delighted that I now know my top 3 favourite Beef Jerkys :-

  1. Laverstoke Park Beef Jerky – Classic (50g)
  2. Texas Joe’s Beef Jerky – Low & Slow BBQ (50g)
  3. Wild West Beef Jerky – Honey BBQ Flavour (50g)

You can buy all of these beef jerky and biltong packs from They are a newly formed company that aims to transform how you buy your meat snacks online. They have a huge range to choose from and they offer big discounts of up to 10% off their prices when you buy multipacks of 5 or 10 packs.

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