Review Of Ready To Go Art Printable Activity Ebooks For Kids. Perfect For Parents , Grandparents & Childminders To Use!

ready to go art reviewA while back now I was sent a CD-ROM version of the ‘Ready To Go Art’ ebook 1. This is not available to buy on CD-ROM anymore as you are now able to buy the downloadable ebook 1 for £5. There is also ebook 2 available to download for the same price or you can instead get the ebook bundle (books 1 and 2) for just £9.  Once you purchase these ebooks you can download them straight to your computer and get printing off activities for your child straight away…no waiting for a parcel in the post!

The ebooks are printable art / activity / topic sheets that you can do with your child. My daughter enjoyed lots of these printable sheets ….especially the butterfly ones that you can see in the photo above.

Ebook 1 covers Spiders, Ladybirds, Butterflies, Plants,Dinosaurs, Space, Christmas and Easter activities, literacy, numeracy and so much more.

Ebook2 covers Ocean, Fish, Sharks, Birds, Mice, Plants, Colour by number, Events, Religion, literacy, numeracy and more besides!

The printable art/activity ebooks were the idea of Annette Black and you can read all about it here. It is obvious that Annette is extremely passionate about giving parents the opportunity to get crafty with ther children….even if they don’t really consider themselves arty. You can tell this by the amount of hard work and time she has put into making these downloadable resources and from the things she says about why she created the ebooks in the first place.

“Many parents would say “I do not have time”, “I am not arty”, “I do not have the ideas”, “I wish I could do this”, so I decided I wanted to help all these people working with young children and produce something that was going to be helpful, to change and promote quality time educating and entertaining without the hassle of planning, thinking, preparing, stress and most importantly time”.

Annette suggests that her ‘Ready To Go Art’ ebooks are not only great for parents but also for use by childminders, in preschool or by grandparents. Whoever you are, if you have a child to entertain then these printable ebook activities are bound to inspire your child to get crafty!  All you need is your downloaded ebook on your computer, some paper to print on and some colouring pens. You might also need some glue and scissors, depending on the activity.  I bet you have all of those! 🙂

You can find out more about the downloadable ebooks and order a copy of them, should you wish, over on You may also like to pop over and pay Annette a visit on social media. You can find her on Facebook. Twitter, Google+ and You Tube.

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