Guest Post By AuntieMummy :- Fun and Colorful Ideas for the Nursery

Fun and Colorful Ideas for the NurseryFun and Colorful Ideas for the Nursery

Guest Post By AuntieMummy

All parents know that as the days lead up to the arrival of their little bundle of joy, the list of things to do just seems to grow and grow. Preparing to welcome a child can be stressful, and there are many things new parents need to keep in mind. Among them, the most important is deciding where to build the nursery, and what it will look like. The overall layout of a nursery should be easy to master – simply keep the baby’s cot or crib away from drafts in a safe, well-insulated space – but when it comes to decorating, many new moms and dads begin to struggle. Haven’t built your nursery yet? Need a bit of inspiration? Here are some fun, easy-to-pull-off themes for your nursery:

1. Simple, Elegant, Rustic
Neutral colors make this room easy on the eyes, and the minimalistic feel of the wooden panels go extremely well with the crib and the shelf. It’s a simple layout with plenty of sunlight, and easy to recreate as well.

Fun and Colorful Ideas for the Nursery
2. Pops of Color
Hello Bardot’s lucky little Bear gets to stay in this colorful room that has just the right amount of bright colors as accents. The walls are painted white in order to let the furniture and carpet truly pop – toss in a few fun stuffed animals and you’re good to go!

Fun and Colorful Ideas for the Nursery
3. Colorful and Seuss-filled
Boundary Stone Baby put together this adorable design – nice neutral walls and flooring, and an investment in some key colorful items such as throw pillows and posters. The furniture was painted white so as not to overwhelm as well.

Whether you opt for a simple, colored theme or a more intricate one with cartoon characters, it’s important to try and reflect your own personality as well as the personality of the family in the design. Try to veer as far away from stereotypical color choices, such as “pink is for girls” and “blue is for boys,” as possible. According to Kate Pietrasik, the founder of unisex clothing line Tootsa, “The idea that a colour is synonymous with gender seems odd to me… Girls now learn from an increasingly early age that the pink stuff is for them… The parents now deciding to raise their child as “gender-neutral” are no doubt responding to and challenging these stereotypes.” It’s not just that either, color psychology also has effects on your baby’s moods, so it’s better to choose a theme based on your intended effect, and not on personal preference alone.

What did you do for your first nursery? Do you have any other easy decorating ideas for us?

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