Review Of Baby Bean Bag Chair From Bean Bag Planet (Also Suitable For Children Up To 8 Years Old)

bean bag planet baby bean bag reviewMy sister had her little boy a few weeks back and whilst she was pregnant the lovely people over at Bean Bag Planet sent her a Baby Bean Bag Chair free of charge for her little boy to use.

The bean bag chair is very clever as it can be used for both young babies and children up to the age of 8 years old or approx 30kg. It is innovative because it has 2 removable covers. One cover has a crotch strap on it to keep baby secure on the seat and the other is a normal, flat surface like you would imagine a bean bag to have.  They advise that you switch to the toddler cover (from the baby cover), once your child is able to move the chair on their own, or when it is no longer safe to strap him/her to the bean bag chair.

The bean bag chair design that we went for was ‘Zoo Animals’ in a yellow colourway but there are so many other different designs to choose from. Polka dots, stars, circles, plain colours etc. My sister loves giraffes and that is the reason she went for this design…it has giraffes and other zoo animals on it!

bean bag planet baby bean bag reviewThe bean bag top covers zip on or off really easily and they can even be machine washed if needs be. We think it is fantastic that the outer surfaces of the bean bag can all be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep them clean but the only improvement we would like to see is the addition of a waterproof lining on the baby version of the top cover. At the moment if baby’s nappy leaks or if baby is sick then the beans inside the bag could possibly end up getting wet if it leaks through the soft plush material of the covers. We have easily sorted this though by laying some breathable waterproof fabric beneath the zipped on top baby size cover but on top of the toddler zip-on cover which is to be found zipped in place, underneath the baby one…..just in case its waterproof properties are needed!

The baby bean bag chair is light weight and really easy to lift so it is ideal for moving from room to room to put your child in when they are having a little nap or just lying there watching everything going on around them.

My sister hasn’t used the bean bag chair too much yet as her little boy is still very young but she thinks he will get a lot of use out of it when he is a little bit older plus of course when he outgrows the cover with the strap on it he can use the chair as an ordinary bean bag up until he is about 8 years old.

bean bag planet baby bean bag reviewThe bean bag chair we were sent has an RRP of £64.99 but it is being sold at the moment for £29.99.  You can buy it on this link. There are unisex designs and designs suitable for girls and boys.  One of my personal favourites ,that I most definitely would have bought for my daughter when she was little if it had been around , is the red and white polka dot bean bag chair! It’s gorgeous ….and matches my blog design perfectly!

The company is very popular on facebook and currently has over 94,000 likes. You can also find them on twitter, pinterest, instagram and Google+.

If you have any questions about the baby bean bag chairs first have a look through the frequently asked questions page but if the answer you require isn’t on there then you can contact the team by calling 0303 040 1580 (9AM – 5PM Monday to Friday) or by using this form.

When your bean bag arrives with you I believe it comes with the bean bag filling in a separate bag ready for you to pour into the cover/body of the bean bag chair. My sister’s bean bag chair arrived ready made for the purposes of the review so I cannot comment on how easy or difficult it was to fill it up the stockinette inner with the beans. I have seen from other people’s reviews on the internet that they do recommend that two of you do the job of filling up the bean bag chair so as to avoid losing any of the beads on the floor. Good idea! 🙂 Also you will be pleased to know that there is double zip protection to stop the beans escaping from the bean bag chair once it has been made up and your child is sitting on it.n The bag has a total of 2.5 cubic feet of filling in it so it will be very cosy for your child.

bean bag planet baby bean bag reviewIf you would like to place an order please visit the Bean Bag Planet website at

I’d  like to say a big thank you to the company for sending my nephew his lovely comfy Zoo Animals bean bag chair. He is sure to get many years of use out of it.

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