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busy things online learning website for kids reviewI home educate my 6 year old daughter and we have used lots of different online learning resources over the past 2 years. One that we hadn’t tried out though was busythings. The reason for that was that we didn’t know it existed until the lovely Sally from their team got in touch with me to ask me if we’d like a free 6 month subscription so my daughter could road-test the website for a review. We quickly said a big ‘Yes Please!’ and we got our online account set up and away we went!

busy things online learning website for kids reviewbusythings is a UK based award-winning software company that creates fun and educational online games and activities for children aged 3-9 years. It is very reasonably priced at £34.99 for a 1 year subscription for a home user account – this works out at just £2.92 per month or approx 9.5p a day!   You can instead opt for shorter periods of subscription but they come at a higher cost. 1 month is £9.99 , 3 months is £19.99 and 6 months is £24.99. A subscription includes access to over 400 games & activities. Covering all areas of the curriculum. Their website aims to help parents to support learning at home…. the fun way!

My daughter has had her online subscription since the middle of June so she still has just over 3 months left to play and learn on the busythings website. She is certainly enjoying playing with the activity website and especially loves the art activities such as Paint Party and Spin and Shake. Who can blame her… look at the photos below to see the type of design software your child can work with – it is amazing! (Please note all the photos in the post were created by me on the Busy Things website as my daughter was asleep when I was started writing up this review so what else could I do but have a play with the games on the website myself…obviously for the purposes of the review! 😉 . Rest assured a child could achieve identical online painting results with the games on their website).

busy things online learning website for kids reviewI am absolutely entranced by the busythings website!! It is fun, vibrant, quirky, creative and very importantly… educational but most definitely NOT BORING!  I cannot recommend it to you highly enough. If your child loves creative activities then they will love the Art and Design Games and there are also lots of activities under other subject headings such as English, ICT, Music and Mathematics. The music ones are great fun, as are all the other games for each subject.

busy things online learning website for kids reviewThere are adding and division games, tell the time games, musical sounds games and so much more! I urge you to head on over to the busythings website and sign up for their free 7 day trial. If you like the website it is ever so easy to then sign up for a year or 3 months etc after your free trial. If you have any questions at all then you can always get in touch with the busythings team by emailing or calling +44 (0)1332 364963

busy things online learning website for kids reviewI really can’t urge you enough to sign up for the free trial of the busythings website so you and your child can explore their site and discover all the amazing activities on offer. There are different age categories and each category has different games. The website is designed to be used with children aged between 4 years and 7 years+.  There are plenty of activities on busythings to keep your child super busy! I love all the different sound effects throughout the activities and the animation is really fun and joyful. busythings is online learning software for children with plenty of feel-good factor!

busy things online learning website for kids reviewYou can find out more about busythings by visiting their website at Over the last 10 years the company has won lots of awards for their online learning software and you can see all their awards here.

The video below shows Rachel from busythings talking about their website and its use in schools around the country :-

You can also buy busythings games on CD-rom which I think sounds fantastic as you could then use the games without a time limit of a subscription. There are loads of CD-roms to choose from for home use and they are £15.00 each to purchase. (These CD-roms can also be bought for school use but the price is different to the home user price)  You can see them all here.

All of the games on busythings are linked to the curriculum so you can rest assured that your child is playing games and learning things that are tailored to the curriculum for their age. We have discovered that there are different games (but some are the same) on each age setting so I have allowed my daughter to switch between age groups so she can take advantage of all the games, regardless of the age they are intended for. Personally I have no problem with letting her do this but it might be that you prefer your child to stick to their intended age setting.

busy things online learning website for kids reviewIt has been an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to review the busythings website here on My Mummy Reviews and as I said before I really do recommend it to you, whether you are a home educating parent or a parent of a child that attends school. There is no questioning that this is the most engaging online subscription based resource that my daughter has used yet!

Please stop by and follow busythings on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

busy things online learning website for kids reviewAlso, if your child tends to use a tablet or smartphone at home rather than a laptop or desktop computer then please check out the busythings apps that can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Apple App Store or on Amazon Appstore for Android. The prices vary for the full versions of the apps but there are even free Lite versions available of some of the apps.

The busythings team work very closely with teachers, parents and most importantly children to ensure that their software is engaging and makes learning fun!

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