Review Of M-Disc – The First Ever Permanent File Backup Disc That Lasts Forever

review of m-disc digital permanent storageI bought a new laptop earlier this year and on the label on the front it says M-Disc compatible and I had no idea what that meant but thought nothing more of it. Until, that is, I came across M-Disc on twitter and asked them if they wanted to send me a free pack of their discs so I could try them out on my new laptop.

It turns out that M-Disc is the world’s first permanent storage solution. I’ll be honest I’d thought that putting my photos on a standard computer disc meant they were permanent but it seems that I am very wrong! It turns out that optical discs can actually get disc rot and then I might lose my precious photos and videos. Thankfully I now have have my 15 pack of M-Discs so I can save my treasured photos on the discs and they should last up to 1000 years. Truth is I will never know if they do last that long but as long as they last beyond my lifetime then I will be happy.
review of m-disc digital permanent storage

The M-Discs arrived in a spindle pack like we are all used to and although they look exactly like normal discs they are actually very different. Here’s a bit about them :-

M-DISC is the first ever permanent file backup disc that lasts forever. Unlike computer hard-drives and DVD discs that suffer from decay, destroying the files you were trying to preserve and protect, Millenniata’s M-DISC cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes.

Your wedding video, family records, or that important business document…they are absolutely priceless. So why take chances when you have a scientifically proven & guaranteed solution? Just M-Disc, and forget it!

Putting your data on an M-Disc gives you the peace of mind that those things you find irreplaceable, will be engraved in stone for generations.

review of m-disc digital permanent storage

The M-Discs can be bought from their website and the prices vary a lot depending on the type of disc and the storage space it has on it, etc. As an example, the 15 pack of 4.7GB M-Disc DVDS that I was sent are £35.00 whereas a 15 pack of 25GB Blu-Ray M-Disc DVDs is £54.95.

I think this price is affordable as each M-disc works out to be just over £2.33 in the 15 pack of 4.7GB DVDs.

The M-discs look like normal discs in their size and shape except they feel stronger and if you hold them up to the light you can see straight through them.

The process of burning my files to the M-disc was super easy and very quick! Much simpler than I had expected.

I chose to save our photographs from our recent trip to Disneyland Paris to my first M-disc and I am currently in the process of organising my photos on my computer before I go ahead and store all my daughter’s baby photos and other treasured photos onto the other discs from the pack.

I am so grateful to the M-Disc team for sending these discs to me for review.  I am delighted that I can now safely store all our important family photos for prosperity.

review of m-disc digital permanent storage

I feel safe in the knowledge that my M-discs with all my photos and videos on should remain in working order for years to come. If you watch the video below you will see that M-Disc still works even after it has been baked in a lasagna, boiled, washed in dish soap and put in dry ice!!! Wow!

If you are interested in buying some M-discs but have some questions then please have a read through the FAQs on their website. It is an informative page with lots of useful information for you to read through.

To be able to store your data on these discs you will need a computer drive that is M-Disc compatible, like the one on my new Acer laptop. You can see the list of compatible drives on this link.

If you are looking to read a more technical review of M-Disc then please look at the review that is on the website —>

Before I go, I would just like to share with you the links the the M-Disc social media accounts , should you wish to follow them.

Facebook –

Twitter –

Google+ –

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