Review Of Marley Spoon – Subscription Based Recipe Box Delivery

review of marley spoon Recently we were sent a recipe box to review from Marley Spoon. I was allowed to choose 2 meals from that particular weeks recipes and I went for the following :-

Tomato, rocket and ricotta tart


Open Beef Lasagne

The Marley Spoon food box was delivered safely to my mum’s house and in it were all the ingredients to make 2 portions each of the 2 recipes that I’d chosen.

The parcel was extremely well packaged and in it was a WoolCool pack to keep the fresh ingredients such as the meat and ricotta at the right temperature until I had opened the box and put them in the fridge.

I loved the polka dots on the packaging and I though it was really nice how the ingredients were packaged in the brown paper ‘Marley Spoon’ bags.  The presentation of the ingredients and the lovely, clear recipe cards really did make you want to get cooking!

review of marley spoonMy sister took delivery of the box of food and I told her that I would go over straight away so we could start cooking! The recipes both went together exactly as planned and they made very generous portions.

The Tomato, rocket and ricotta tart was delicious and although it tasted lovely hot I am sure it would have been just as tasty if it was eaten cold the next day. There was plenty of this savoury tart so we all got to try a bit once it was cooked. It did come with a bag of rocket leaves which were supposed to be served on top of the tart but we instead decided to have the rocket on the side of our plate with a bit of salad dressing on it.  The tart looked so appetising and we would definitely want to make this recipe again.

review of marley spoonThe Open Beef Lasagne was very different to any lasagne we’d had before as it was made with a ricotta based sauce rather than a creamy white sauce like we are used to. It was a very appetising meal and we all enjoyed it, My dad especially was very impressed by this recipe!  The fresh pasta that this was made with was very filling and it was very noticeable that this was top quality minced beef. A really great meal that was enjoyed by all! You got two very generous portions in this kit and there was also 2 small cos lettuce supplied with it so you could have a fresh salad on the side.

The Marley Spoon recipes change each week and if you decide to start this subscription based food / recipe kit delivery service then you can pick which meals you want each week from the menu page of their website. They then delivery them direct to your door and you can then make the meals at home.

This is what they say on their website :-

chefs create great recipes

Every week our chefs sit down and design 7 recipes for you to cook at home. Creating a mixture of meat, fish and vegetarian options from quality produce, they love knowing that recipes they make get to be enjoyed by everyone.

Our chefs have a passion for:
  • Sourcing the best ingredients.
  • Creating new recipes every week.
  • Bringing cooking back to the home

It also says on their site that :-

you decide what you cook

Set your taste preferences using your online account and change, skip or pause your order anytime. We’ll fill your fridge with the exact amounts of ingredients you need to cook – with no waste, but sometimes a little leftover!

The choice is yours:
  • Set your taste preferences.
  • Select using your taste profile.
  • Change, skip or pause your orders anytime.

Example of the Marley Spoon Menu ChoicesThe 2 meal box (2 portions of each meal) that I received for review was worth £34.00 which means each meal cost £17.00…so each portion was £8.50. The price doesn’t surprise me as they were top quality ingredients sent in the box….premium minced beef, Parmesan gratings, sundried tomatoes, fresh rosemary etc.   I do have to be honest though and say that the price per portion is much more than I would be able to pay for a meal at home. It is not the right price for my budget but if I had the money then I would love to use a recipe box delivery service like Marley Spoon as it would be wonderful to have all the ingredients sent to my door ready for me to cook a tasty meal from scratch following their recipes.  All I would need to add is the oil and salt and pepper, etc.

Marley Spoon offer three delivery days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. If you live within London there are two time slots available for delivery (8–10am, 6–10pm) but if you are outside of London then they deliver between 9am-6pm. You can always leave delivery instructions with them so that their delivery driver knows where to leave the package if you aren’t home.

review of marley spoonPlease note :- Marley Spoon is a subscription service and once subscribed, each week you’ll automatically receive their recipe boxes. They call it a flexible subscription; as they say you can always change frequency, number of portions, food choices and skip or pause the service. Please bear in mind that the notice period is 6 days before your chosen delivery day.

If you would like to book a Marley Spoon food box delivery please visit .

(If you use discount code ‘perfectdinner’ you will get £20 off your first order.Please note that terms and conditions may apply and I am unsure when this code expires. I found it on the Marley Spoon Instagram page)

If you have any questions about placing an order please visit the FAQ page on their website or give them a call on 020 3695 4225. You can also email the customer service team on

Don’t forget to pop by and follow them on social media. You can find them on twitter, facebook and Instagram.


Big thank you to Marley Spoon for sending us this free box of food. 🙂

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