Review Of Squidarella Bird Squit Colour Changing Umbrella By Squid London

review of squid london colour changing umbrellaThey say a picture speaks a thousand words and in this case it is very true!

Please take a moment to admire my new brolly. It was sent to me for review by Squid London and the umbrella is very unique and innovative. It starts off with big white splats on it when it is dry and then when the rain gets on it the white marks gradually change colour until you get the amazing effect that you see in the photo above.

The umbrella design I was sent is called Sqiuidarella Bird Squit and it is £25. Other designs that are available include Hong Kong Skyline and London Skyline.

I love the umbrella and think the design is a bit of fun. People certainly give my new brolly admiring glances when I use it ! 🙂 My daughter loves the colour changing aspect of the umbrella as do I. It looks amazing!!
review of squid london colour changing umbrellaThe umbrella comes with a little removable fabric cover and there is an elasticated wrist strap /carry handle on the umbrella handle itself.  I like the elasticity as it makes the umbrella more comfortable and easier to carry, for some reason.

When the umbrella is completely wet and the colour has changed entirely, it can take quite a while for the design to turn back to white.  Also on a recent holiday at the seaside I noted that this umbrella is not all that sturdy in windy , rainy weather.  When the rain and wind hit my umbrella it did wobble around a fair bit so I put it down in the end as I didn’t want to risk my fancy umbrella being broken in the terrible weather that we can sometimes get.

Squid was founded in 2008 and they are the innovators of the ‘colour changing when wet’ trend . They have launched their colour changing products for adults and children such as umbrellas, rain jackets, raincapes, wellies and bags into more than 18 countries, with over 100 stockists worldwide. Stores and museums include; MoMA NYC, Nordstrom, Globus, Hamleys Toy Store and The Southbank Shop. Squid’s brand philosophy is to bring colour into everyday life and brighten up the grey and rainy days.

You can read all about the Squid brand over on their website .

If you would like to follow the Squid London brand on social media please check them out on twitter , facebook and Pinterest. You can also find them blogging at

Squid London have done a great job making rainy weather fun! Their colour changing products really do brighten up dreary days! 😀

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