My Mummy Reviews Loves Sprayza No Fuss Airbrush Pens!

sprayza pensA while ago I bought my daughter some Sprayza airbrush pens and she absolutely loves them! So much so that I thought I’d write up a quick review for you all. 🙂 The pens are so simple to use, just put a special Sprayza pen in the pen holder and then spray down through the mouth piece so you blow the ink onto the piece of paper.  The airbrush colouring effect is great! Especially when used in combination with the stencils in the pack. With these airbrush pens you can create some really fab pictures and your child will love being creative with their artwork.

sprayza pictures In the above photo you can see some photos of a sunset scene that my daughter and I made using these pens.  I loved using the stencil to create the grass shapes on the artwork. I adore my daughter’s picture and will really treasure it. 🙂

Here is a video from Hamleys that shows the pens in action :-

 My daughter has really enjoyed using her Sprayza airbrush pens, as have I! Practice does make perfect and it can take a little while for your child to master the technique of using them but they will have lots of fun making pictures once they have got the hang of it.

Please note that I recommend that you put down old newspaper when these are being used as the ink can easily get onto the work area if you accidentally miss your paper when blowign through the pen holder.

We highly recommend these airbrush pens to you all 🙂

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