Video :- KeriKit Designer Luxury Leather Changing Bags For Mums Of Twins And Multiples

kerikit changing bagsLast month I featured KeriKit Changing Bags in a collaborative post on my blog, prior to the launch of Keri’s first collection of luxury, designer changing bags.

Keri has been designing handbags for most of the major high street brands for the past 15 years and she designed and launched her own changing bag collection because she wanted to bring something new to the market…a changing bag that was spacious enough to be able to hold all the baby essentials that a mother of multiples needs….plus she wanted it to look super stylish! Keri knows from personal experience just how much stuff a baby changing bag bag needs to hold when it is destined to be used with twins and another child under 3 so that is why Keri wanted to invent the bag that she wishes had been available when she had gone looking for it to no avail!

Her spacious handbags are now available to buy at and I just wanted to take a minute to share this newly published video with you all that guides you through all the features of her beautiful bags.

You can read my previous blog post about her handbag company here —

If you have, or are expecting, twins or multiples and you wish to order yourself a classy new changing bag then please stop by Keri’s website. Prices start at £350 for these designer luxury leather changing bags.


* Please note this blog post today is not a sponsored post. I just know that Keri has put a lot of time and effort into launching her very own changing bag collection and I would love to help her by spreading the word about her designer handbags. 🙂

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