Blog Tutorial :- How To Rotate & Compress Videos

rotate & compress videosToday I needed to rotate a video that I had taken, before I went ahead and uploaded into a review post on my blog.

The video was shot in landscape orientation but it turned out it was on its side…so I needed to rotate it so that it was in a portrait position and the right way up.

I googled which website to use to rotate the video and I found

I used the website and it was really quick and easy to rotate my video, All I had to do was click a few buttons and hey presto!

Sadly my video was too large to be uploaded to my blog, regardless of it now being the right way up,  so I had to compress its size using ClipChamp which worked perfectly.  I have used ClipChamp before and am very impressed by its ability to reduce the size of my videos so I can upload them into my reviews. I wish I had discovered it years ago!

The video above was from before it was rotated and the video below is from after I rotated it using Both videos have been compressed with ClipChamp.

Look how much better that is! 🙂

The videos are from my updated review of the Quercetti Marble Run Vortex 80 Set From I’d love you to pop over and have a read.

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