Review Of Pandora Style Footprint & Name Charm Bead from Hand on Heart Jewellery

hand on heart jewellery reviewMy sister recently had a little boy and the lovely team over at Hand On Heart Jewellery kindly gifted her a hand-crafted Pandora Style Footprint & Name Charm Bead worth £75 for me to review on my blog.

The company is based in the Lake District and has grown from being a small team of just 2 sisters in 2009 to now having a growing workforce that meant in 2014 they moved to much bigger premises. They are delighted they have become one of the UK’s leading personalised jewellery companies but that doesn’t stop them from making sure that each and every customer is given the best customer service possible by a member of their dedicated team and that they continue to produce high quality,  innovative products that people want to order.  All of their creations are crafted in the Hand on Heart studio in Cumbria.

My review was organised when my sister was still pregnant and so we had the print kit sitting here from before my nephew was born but we didn’t actually get round to taking his prints until he was 6 weeks old. It was easy peasy to get his footprints using the inkless wipe and the special paper but as he was so wriggly his handprint wasn’t such a success. I think it would have been easier if we had done those when he was younger or even a bit older.  Anyway, it wasn’t the handprint we were after – it was the footprint. So it was a success! 🙂

The inkless wipe feels quite dry and it isn’t really wet like a baby wipe. All you do is wipe it across the sole of your child’s foot or the palm of their hand and then press the hand or foot down onto the paper – without them wriggling too much! ( Full instructions in the Hand On Heart video above )

You then lift the hand or foot away and hey presto – the prints appear on the special paper. It is truly like magic. My sister loved getting to do this with her son and it was an exciting moment as we knew we could then post or email the prints across to Hand on Heart Jewellery HQ so they could produce her review pandora style charm bead.

In the HoH video below you can see a 6 week old baby getting their prints done with the inkless wipe and there was no wriggling involved but do you want to know the secret — he was sleeping! If you are trying to get a hand print from a young baby it might be worth trying this trick 🙂 Although as long as you get a fairly good print they can work with it and they can also get rid of any smudges so they don’t appear on your final charm.

We opted to scan the prints into the computer and then email them across to Hand On Heart as then my sister could keep the original prints in her son’s keepsake box but if not she could have sent them back in the pre-paid envelope.  My sister also chose to have the bead engraved with her son’s name and so we let them know his name so they could put it onto the bead.  It was easy to email over the prints and I was notified once they had received them and had started work on her bead.

Handcrafted and engraved products are normally dispatched within 7 days of the studio receiving prints….although with Christmas coming up it might be a good idea to order your items sooner rather than later so you know that you will receive them in plenty of time for the big day.

It didn’t take long at all until the final finished bead arrived with us so my sister could attach it to her Pandora bracelet and start wearing it.

The presentation of the final charm bead was out of this world! It came in a white postal packaging box which I had to sign for upon delivery and then inside that was some informational leaflets, a printed copy of the original print – so my sister could keep it as a keepsake (but also so she could order more jewellery with it if she wanted) , 2 little packets of Love Hearts  ( we loved this sweet gesture!) and a white and silver branded pillow box wrapped up with ribbon. Oooh, it looked amazing and it really was such a special gift! There was even a little card that said who had created the bead and I thought that was a very lovely touch. If you are ordering an item from them as a gift,  for an extra £3.99 you can even have personalised ribbon wrapped around the gift box!

hand on heart jewellery reviewI let my sister have the excitement of opening the pillow box with her bead inside as she had eagerly awaited the personalised bead to add to her collection of charms on her Pandora bracelet.

She was delighted with the charm and she wants me to say a big THANK YOU to Hand On Heart Jewellery for being so kind and gifting it to her. It was a wonderful gift to receive and she highly recommends them to you all – as do I. The team have been lovely to deal with and it is obvious from the 626 Excellent reviews on Feefo that their customers are extremely happy with their purchases.fingerprint jewelleryThe sterling silver hand-crafted bead that my sister received would fit Pandora, Lovelinks and Chamilia bracelets and it features the true footprint of her little boy.  It was inscribed with his name and has the impression of his foot print cast deep into the metal.  Once completed it had been hand-polished to a beautiful shine.

The footprint charm bead fitted onto my sister’s Pandora bracelet perfectly. It isn’t fixed in one place which means it can move freely along the bracelet unless she decides to put it between stoppers.  It looks wonderful among her other Pandora charms – all of them have a special meaning – just like the one she was sent from Hand on Heart Jewellery.

hand on heart jewellery reviewWhen purchasing from HoH you have the option of hand-crafted or engraved jewellery. You can see the differences in the photo above. To read the difference between the processes please click here.

I have created a collage photo below to just show you a small sample of the amazing items that you can order from their website I especially adore the Engraved Artwork Heart Necklace (£40) as it is something that you could make / order with the help of an older child. Imagine the pride in your child’s face if you wore a picture they had drawn for you around your neck. They would be delighted! That particular item is also part of their new next day delivery range which you can read more about on their website. (delivery charges do apply).

hand on heart jewellery reviewYou can find Hand on Heart Jewellery on all the major social media networks. Here are the links you need :-

You Tube , Pinterest , Facebook , Twitter, Google+

If you like the look of the Pandora Style Charms you can order them from their website but they also sell charms that are compatible with other jewellery such as that by Troll, Thomas Sabo, Tiffany and Links Of London.

Don’t forget – Christmas will be here soon so don’t delay, order today! 😀

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