Review Of 100% Mulberry Silk-Filled Pillow From Silk Bedding Direct

silk bedding direct reviewLast week Silk Bedding Direct offered me the opportunity to receive a 100% Mulberry Silk-Filled Pillow for review on my blog.  I happily accepted and the pillow arrived within a couple of days.

The delivery service was fantastic and I was kept informed by text message regards when the delivery driver was coming and even what the driver’s name was.  I liked being kept up to date and I had a couple of opportunities to say where to leave it in a safe place if I wasn’t going to be in. I didn’t need to take advantage of this option this time but I’m pleased there was the possibility of me having my parcel left somewhere safe if I needed.

silk bedding direct reviewThe pillow arrived in a wire framed PVC bedding bag with carry handle and the bag had the Silk Bedding Direct branding on the front. Inside the bag was the luxury soft silk pillow. It is extremely soft to the touch because it is stuffed with thousands of long strands of 100% mulberry silk. The pillow casing is made of Deluxe 300 Thread Count Fine Cotton Sateen.

The pillow is not your usual cheap pillow that you get for under a £5 – stuffed with polyfill. This silk pillow has an RRP of £155 but is currently on offer in their autumn sale for £99.00! It is a top of the range, 100% Mulberry silk luxury pillow!

On the day the pillow arrived I saw my brother and he was very impressed with the silk pillow I had received and as I knew he would love to have this luxury pillow I said he could have it as a gift. 🙂 He was really happy and so was I as it’s not every day I am able to gift him such a luxurious present.  I know he appreciated my gesture and I’m sure he has slept like a King on his new pillow since he started using it!

silk bedding direct reviewThe interior of the silk pillow is Top Grade Long-Strand Mulberry Silk which is 100% Natural and Hypoallergenic but please do note that although the silk is natural and not man-made , vegans don’t tend to use/wear this mulberry silk because of how it is made / obtained from silkworms. You can see more info here)

If you are not aware of how silk is produced and the long, time-consuming process that goes into obtaining this 100% mulberry silk thread then you can read all about it over on the Resources page of the Silk Bedding Direct website but here is a little bit of info for now, which is taken from their website :- The silkworm is the larva of the silk moth and the silk itself is produced from the fibres of the cocoon in which the silkworm wraps itself when it enters the pupal stage of development. The raw silk that goes to making this cocoon is produced in the larvae’s salivary glands. So silk is quite literally caterpillar spit.

When you purchase a mulberry silk pillow, mulberry silk mattress topper or mulberry silk duvet from Silk Bedding Direct they offer you a 14 Day Full Money-Back Guarantee. You can return the product for any reason and they will even pay the return delivery fee. That sounds very fair to me and it shows that they are very confident in their products. You can read testimonials from their customers on this page –>

The silk pillows are said to be hypoallergenic and have anti-microbial properties. this means that they are naturally free of dust-mites and microscopic life, also they do not retain moisture. These properties mean that the pillow should be beneficial for people that suffer with allergies, asthma or eczema. You can read more about the benefits of using a silk pillow, duvet or mattress topper here.

silk bedding direct reviewThe pillows are indeed expensive but as they contain 100% mulberry silk this is to be expected for a luxury bedding product such as this.  The website says that ‘Long strand mulberry silk is the strongest natural fibre and is made from silk produced by captive silk worms fed entirely on mulberry leaves. The process is intense and skilled. The silk it produces is composed of sericin and amino acids, which are so good for our skin and hair, making it a wonderful, luxurious product to use in the production of pillows.’.

The silk bedding must not be machine washed but It can be spot cleaned using a mild detergent or you can take it to a professional dry cleaner. Should your silk duvet , silk mattress topper or silk pillow become a little flat because of prolonged use , all you need to do is air it outside for a few hours on a sunny day. This should enhance the silk’s natural properties and make it feel like new again.

If you would like to purchase a single silk-filled pillow please visit this link —->   If you use code SLEEPWELL you will get 5% off your order 🙂

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