EcoEgg Have A Crazy Offer For You For Small Business Saturday! Get 50% Off Everything For 24 hours Only!

ecoegg smallbizsatUPDATE:-  5/12/15 –  It is has just gone midnight and the EcoEgg #SmallBizSat sale has now started! They really are starting Small Business Saturday off with a BANG!! For 24 hours they are offering 50% off everything on their site using code smallbusiness50. I have already placed my order! 🙂

I went for 2 x 720 wash Laundry Eggs. Each one is normally £19.99 but with the sale each one was just £10.00 each! A 720 wash Laundry Egg should last for about 3 years! Imagine how much money I can save by not buying laundry detergent for 3 years.

ecoegg smallbizsatI do already have refills in the cupboard (from when I was previously gifted an ecoegg to review) but I wanted to stock up whilst I had the chance. My mum also uses the EcoEgg and I believe she is coming to the end of her refills so I thought we could both have an extra/spare laundry egg each and the refills can be put away for when we need them. I could have just bought the 210 wash refill packs that are also on sale (normally £7.49 but with the 24 hour code they are £3.75) but at the moment with the sale on it works out cheaper to buy an egg with the 720 wash laundry pellets….so that is what I did!

The postage on my order was just £2.99 which can’t be grumbled at. 🙂

Please may I just add that these are not affiliate links in this post and I haven’t been asked to place an order or to update this blog post about their sale. I am doing it because I genuinely LOVE the ecoegg and I want to recommend them to you. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to receive products to review from them over the last year as it has meant I can see just how well they work plus my mum and I have saved ourselves money by not having to purchase detergent. Today I placed my order as I want to show my support for their small business plus ,completely selfishly , I want to spend the £22.98 now so my mum and I can continue to save money on laundry for many years to come!  😀


ecoegg small business saturday crazy dealI have some eggsciting news for you! EcoEgg have asked me to let you all know that on Saturday 5th December they will be celebrating Small Business Saturday by having a CrAzY EcoEgg Offer on their website….and it will only be live for 24 hours!!

They are urging you NOT to buy from their website today but to instead wait until the 5th December when their offer goes live. Not many companies would be so honest and say to you – don’t buy today as you could save more money if you wait a few days – but that is EcoEgg for you. They are a genuine, down-to-earth company made up of a lovely team of people and most importantly, they have your ‘money-saving’ interests at heart.

Their offer is in aid of Small Business Saturday, the UK’s initiative to get us shopping at smaller retailers rather than in larger high street stores.

Even though EcoEgg products are now on sale in over 30 countries worldwide, they are still classed as a small business and they would like to encourage you to give an Ecoegg product as a gift this Christmas or , of course, stock up yourselves. 🙂

ecoegg small business saturday crazy dealIf you haven’t yet heard of EcoEgg and are wondering what it is they sell then please let me introduce you to EcoEgg- the brand that can save you lots of money from your household budget each year. They sell many products but the one that they are probably best known for is their fantastic money-saving EcoEgg Laundry eggs that you use in the washing machine instead of your normal washing powder.

I am not sure what their crazy offer is going to be or what products from their website will  be in the deal but I bet it will be a great bargain!! It has to be really…. their products are already fantastic value when they are not on offer!

The Laundry Egg is an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic alternative to washing powder and it is very cost effective. It is a reusable egg that you fill with a mixture of mineral and tourmaline pellets. This pellet mix acts as a natural detergent when put in the washing machine with your dirty clothes.

Back in Feb 2015 they sent my mum the ‘Spring Blossom’ fragrance laundry egg to review and she has used it every single day since she received it! She absolutely loves the EcoEgg and you can imagine how much money it has saved her not having to buy laundry detergent since Feb! The laundry egg they sent her lasts for 210 washes and it costs just £9.99!! That works out at less than 5p per wash! Once she has done her 210 washes she can then buy a refill pack of pellets.You can read the full review of the EcoEgg here —>

ecoegg-productsOther products I have reviewed which they have set to me to road-test include the Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, Washing Machine Detox Tablets and Eco Stain Remover. The reviews can be read here and here. I am also about to write up a review of their new Concentrated antibacterial cleaner which they sent to me this week. I have already tried it out and am absolutely amazed by the results! The review of that product will be live tomorrow – so make sure to come back and read it! 🙂 Also my sister-in-law has been sent an EcoEgg to try out as she has never tried one before….I’ll blog about how she got on with it in the next few weeks.

I am also the proud owner of an EcoEgg! I have the antibacterial EcoEgg that they sent to me when they were launching a deal on QVC back in July. I would not want to be without it and I have used the laundry egg nearly every day since it was sent to me. No it does not give exactly the same strong fragranced wash as washing powder does but it also doesn’t contain all the allergens and it certainly doesn’t cost as much in the long run. I choose to use a bit of cheap supermarket fabric conditioner in my wash and this adds a lovey scent to my washing while EcoEgg takes care of getting my clothes clean. My mum uses the concentrated fabric conditioner in with her washes as she was sent a bottle of it to road-test ages ago and loves that it comes in an easy to use pump bottle.

The Ecoegg team hard at work! from Ecoegg on Vimeo.


The EcoEgg CRAZY OFFER will be their biggest promotion they have had all year and they assure you it will not be repeated for at LEAST another year, if at all! So best to stock up on their products while the offer is on.

Remember, on 5th December – Small Business Saturday ,make sure to visit to see their ‘One Day Only’ promotion and buy it while you have the chance!



*This is not a sponsored post. I have however been sent products to review by EcoEgg for past and future reviews but am more than happy to do them a favour and promote their offer to you as I think their products are wonderful and my mum and I recommend them.