Review Of Beautifully Illustrated123 Flash Cards With Animal Pictures To Count (1 – 20)

animal flash cards 123 reviewA while back I was sent a pack of Flash Cards in the post but as there was no letter accompanying them I wasn’t sure who had sent them over for review.

The Flash cards I was sent are called Animal 123 Flashcards and they are beautifully illustrated with animal designs and numbers. The cards cover numbers 1- 20.

You show your child the card with the animal illustrations on and then you get them to count up how many of that particular creature there is and then you check the answer on the other side where it has the number. As an example, there is a card covered in beetles – you would get your child to admire the illustrations and count up the number of beetles and then you will get them to check their answer by turning over the card to see the number 17 and the name of the creature.

When these arrived my daughter had already passed the counting stage so she didn’t really need them – however they are so pretty! The creature illustrations are amazing! The cards have illustrations of bears, frogs, snakes, spiders. foxes, insects, butterflies, birds, tigers and so much more.

We are going to pass these flash cards on to someone who is the appropriate age for them so that they can have the benefit of these wonderful number flashcards. The box says that they are suitable for a child of age 3+ years although I think a child of younger than this would still appreciate the beauty of the cards – but you would have to watch they don’t bite the cards and damage them.

The 20 flashcards come in a sturdy flip top presentation box and there is a ribbon that lies beneath the cards so that you can pull it up and easily remove the cards. I think this is a great idea!

The cards are published by QED Publishing and they have an RRP of £9.99.  You can currently buy them at Wordery – the online bookshop – for £8.60 with free UK delivery.

These would make a fantastic Christmas gift for a young child. Counting up all the creatures would certainly keep them occupied on Christmas day!


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