Review Of Kinetic Sand. Fun Sand That You Can Squeeze & Shape!!

kinetic sand reviewI got chatting to Marbel Toys on Twitter and they said they could send my daughter a pack of Kinetic Sand to review. My daughter was super happy when she heard this as she had seen the Kinetic Sand in You Tube videos and in TV adverts so she knew exactly how much sand shaping fun to expect! 🙂

The Kinetic Sand is easy-to-shape sand that ‘breathes motion’!  In other words…it is sand but not as you know it! The sand moves as you play with it but it also retains its shape – unlike dry sand. Magic! 🙂 It behaves very much like wet sand as you can squeeze and mold it …. except Kinetic Sand is not wet at all – it is completely dry….and if it gets wet it loses its texture until it dries out.  Also the Kinetic Sand only sticks to itself and not to you… much better than wet sand!

Kinetic Sand is based on 98% pure sand and the secret to its movement is the patented technology hidden within the binder.  The product conforms to the safety directives for the US and EU markets. Also it says on the box that Kinetic Sand never dries out! It doesn’t need to be kept in an airtight container when it isn’t being played with but for tidiness we decided to keep the 1kg of sand in a tupperware container that we had in the cupboard.

It is a really unusual modeling compound and it has kept my daughter occupied for ages! She loves using the Kinetic Sand with all the Play Doh molds and cutters that she has at home. You can see in the collage photo at the top of this post that she used a hair mold from her Play Doh Crazy Cuts kit to make some sand hair for her plastic Play Doh character. Doesn’t it look great!

Another thing she did was to tip the sand out onto a tray and then stand in it so she could make footprints and then after she had done that she then flattened it all out again and made hand prints in it. This worked really well, as you can tell from the photo. 🙂 The hand and foot prints appear very 3D when you look at them in the photo – I can’t say we noticed this when we made them it but in the photo that is how they appear.

Both adults and children alike will enjoy playing with the Kinetic Sand as it is so relaxing watching the sand gradually fall into the bowl and the process of squishing and squashing the sand is very therapeutic and relaxing. If you are looking for a product to use as Sensory Play then I would say that this fits the bill perfectly! The sand is not recommended for children under the age of 3 years old and I would say that this is in case they try and eat it.  The sand is non-toxic but it is still important that you watch your child when they are playing with it, just to be on the safe side.


You can buy lots of different pack sizes and colours of Kinetic Sand but the 1 kilo box that I received is currently available on Amazon UK for £14.99. However there is also a 910g pack of Kinetic Sand on offer for just £7.50! Now that is a real bargain! If you fancy buying the sand at that price I’d be quick as I don’t know when that offer will end. Both pack sizes have free delivery as long as you spend over £20 on the site.  Please note that you can buy Kinetic Sand from lots of different online retailers and high street stockists and the prices do vary from shop to shop.

Before I go I shall just prove to you how easy Kinetic Sand is to clear up if it gets on the floor. For the purposes of a thorough review I took a handful of Kinetic Sand and squished it into my carpet! You’ll be pleased to know that clearing it up was super easy as the Kinetic Sand only sticks to itself so all I had to do was roll it up from the floor and pick up any little bits with the ball of sand that I created.  It goes without saying that I don’t recommend that you do the same thing but I was intrigued about how easy it would be to clear up so I gave it a go and was happy with the result!


It is now less than a month until Christmas Day so if you are looking for a fun gift for a child then I definitely recommend Kinetic Sand! It will keep your child busy for ages! The best thing is that the sand can be used over and over again – so you get real value for money when you buy this product.

To buy Kinetic Sand please visit your local toy shop or shop online at one of the many independent stockists.

The sand is made by Waba Fun and Marbel UK are UK distributors of Kinetic Sand, as well as many other products such as Hape Wooden Toys, Nanoblock, Renart, Bullyland Disney, Pink Poppy, Comansi and Bullyland WWF.

You can follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube.

Thanks for reading my review. 🙂

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