Review Of Foldable Storage Boxes, Heavy Duty Vacuum Storage Bags and Extra Large Underbed Blanket Storage Bag From Neusu. Plus A Competition!!

neesu boxesI have been kindly gifted a selection of foldable storage boxes by Neusu. There was a Jumbo box (RRP  £19.99 – currently on sale at £14.99) , a large box (RRP £17.99 – currently on sale for £12.99) and a set of 2 small boxes (RRP £ ). Originally they were going to be used by my mum but as soon as they arrived my daughter wanted to unpack them and make them up into boxes. She was adamant she wanted the jumbo lidded box as a new toy box for the lounge so in the end I agreed – but told her she could have the job of telling Nanny as I’d promised them to her! Needless to say my Mum didn’t mind, she’s lovely like that! 🙂 Also Neusu were sending her a set of vacuum storage bags and an underbed storage bag the very next week and she really wanted them so was fine with me having the boxes.

The heavy duty storage boxes from Neusu are fantastic! Now I have had a fair few cheap foldable boxes over the years and they have not always lasted all that long as they tend to bend out of shape and the material frays or splits. To be honest they did do their job of temporary storage ok but they weren’t the best quality and there wasn’t much chance you would be stacking them on top of each other when full, unlike the Neusu ones! The ones I’ve had previously have only ever been suitable for sliding under the bed but these Neusu ones are perfect to have stacked up out on display.

The foldable boxes from Neusu have top, sides and base that are reinforced with board and the black material they use for the boxes is much better quality than other boxes I’ve seen. It is these improved qualities of the Neusu storage boxes that make them so strong and able to withstand the weight of another box stacked on top of it. Take a look at the video to see just how strong they are!

There are 4 sizes of foldable box available – small, medium, large and Jumbo – and each box is made with a different mm of board for rigidity and a different thickness of fabric. The reason for the differences is because Neusu have made sure that the boxes are suitable quality for the size of each box and the weight of the things that you might put inside it or stack on top of it. So as an example the small box has 2mm board and 75gsm fabric as it wouldn’t need to be as heavy duty as the jumbo box which has 3mm board and 100gsm fabric. You can see all the details about the boxes in the photos below and all you have to do is click the photo to be taken to the page to buy the boxes :-

neesu boxesneesu boxesneesu boxesneesu boxesAs my daughter wanted to use the Jumbo box as a toy box I needed to find a space to put it in the lounge. I had the idea of taking a look to see if the boxes would fit under my Ikea TV unit (actually supposed to be a coffee table though) and I was delighted when I discovered that I could fit the Jumbo box and the two small boxes under the unit.  Until then I had got all her toys and Wii games in polka dot cardboard shoe boxes but sadly they were completely falling apart! Every time she pulled a box out the cardboard ripped a bit more!

Constructing the boxes only took a few minutes. All I had to do was remove them from the packaging. unfold the boxes and then insert the board bases! Easy peasy! 🙂 You can see from the photo below that just a few minutes of organising has made a world of difference. Don’t they fit perfectly! To see the contents of the boxes take a look at the photo at the top of this blog post.

neusu boxesI am very impressed by the riveted handles as it means that the handles have some strength to them and they don’t rip the fabric when you pull the boxes out from under the unit. This means I am more than happy for my daughter to pull the toy box in and out to play with her toys and then put them away. Who am I kidding! It’s me that puts them away! 😀

I have nothing bad to say about these boxes at all. I am thoroughly impressed! The only things I would say are that they are not as cheap as some other foldable boxes you can buy but these are most definitely superior quality so the price difference is to be expected and also that I’d like to see them available in a wide range of colours to fit in with different room colour schemes as I can see people wanting to use these in every room of the house. But I must say that black is a sensible choice of colour as a storage box as it will stay looking newer for longer and they look very modern with the metal rivets showing on the boxes.

These foldable storage boxes can be easily folded down when not in use and you can then store them away for when you need them again.  Also the small boxes can be used in conjunction with the Neusu Heavy Duty Metal Shoe Racks or the Neusu Hanging Shelves Wardrobe Organiser, as they fit neatly into the shelves.

The foldable boxes from Neusus are perfect for storing all sorts of things in – toys, clothes, books, magazines fabrics, craft materials, DVDs, bedding and so much more besides!

neusu storageIf you are tempted by these storage boxes and the vacuum bags (that I am about to write about) you must check out the competition over on the Neusu website.

They are giving away a fantastic prize of Neusu™ Heavy Duty XL 100 Vacuum Bags (pack of 5 vacuum bags) worth £24.99 PLUS a Neusu™ Large Foldable Box worth £17.99 – total prize value of £42.98.

The best bit….it is super easy to enter the competition (just sign up to their newsletter and/or Like their facebook page) and there will be 3 winners!! Here is the link to go and enter the giveaway—> Please note that you MUST sign up to the newsletter and like their facebook page using the entry form on that link I just gave you, otherwise your entries won’t be counted.

neusu vacuum bagsNow to the vacuum storage bags….

My mum was really happy when these arrived as she needed some vacuum bags so she could store away spare bedding and winter clothing. She received a value pack of 10 Heavy Duty medium size vacuum storage bags which were worth RRP £24.99 but currently on offer for £19.99. Neusu say the bags are the best quality available as they are made of 80% stronger plastic than standard vacuum bags and after having seen these I can confirm that they are indeed a very strong, good quality plastic.  These particular bags are made from 110 micron plastic and because of this they are better at resisting punctures and there is minimal air leakage which means they should last for a longer time than bags made from inferior quality plastic. The bags feature a triple seal valve as well as the double plastic zip seal and the ones my mum was sent measure 70cm x 50cm – but you will be pleased to know there are lots of other sizes available.

To use these all you do is open the zip seal on the bag, place your clothes or bedding inside the bag. do up the zip seals and use the plastic clip to go over them (comes supplied) to make sure they are well and truly zip locked and then undo the plastic valve on the top of the bag, point your hoover suction pipe over the valve and press ‘vacuum’ on your hoover. The air will then be sucked out of the bag and your items will be compressed. Magic! You just need to screw the lid of the valve back on and then pack your bags away for storage.

If you watch the above video you will see the Jumbo heavy duty vacuum bags that measure 130cm x 100cm in use. You can fit multiple double duvets in each bag. They can even handle king size winter duvets, together with pillows and covers, sheets, etc. WOW! Just think of the space you would gain in your house if you vacuum bagged all your spare bedding and towels! Personally though I am thinking the jumbo bag would be a great way of compressing my stash of craft fabrics that currently resides in the shed in numerous plastic storage containers…if I put it all into these bags at least it could live in the house under the bed! Then I could easily get to the fabrics when I want to sew.

Now you can see what I mean about how much space you could save by using these bags in your home. I also made my own little video showing the medium bags in use. I’d love you to take a look :-

The final item my mum received is the Heavy Duty Extra Large Underbed Blanket Storage Bag which has an RRP of £19.99 but is currently on sale for £13.99. The bag measures 96cm x 78cm x 18cm and has a 130 litre storage capacity. It is made of a top quality 600D Heavy Duty Polyester and has four web-stitched handles (two front + one each end).  The bag is huge and can fit multiple duvets and pillows in it so you can slide it under the bed. It isn’t a vacuum bag like the others – it is a zipped storage bag.  These are available in a few different sizes.

My mum tried her bag out for the photo but she is yet to use it properly as she has plans for it to be used in the caravan as a bedding bag. In my parent’s tourer caravan they have to take all the bedding for the various beds in the caravan when they go on holiday but during the day there is never anywhere to really store all the blankets and pillow that were used on the beds (the beds are actually sofas during the daytime) so my mum intends to put them all away in the storage bag and then store the bag tidily in the one fixed bedroom of the caravan. That way all the the things will be neat and organised and not make the small space look cluttered. So many of the products from Neusu would be useful for people that like to go caravanning – especially the vacuum bags as they are a great way of compacting items to take away with you on holiday. They even sell a special travel pack that comes with a manual vacuum pump – as the chances are you won’t have a hoover on holiday with you.

travel storageSo as you can tell from my review we are rather in love with our lovely new storage products sent to us by Neusu. They are a brand I had never heard of before I go chatting to them on twitter (when we arranged this review) but after this I will be recommending them all the time!You can see all the products they sell by visiting their website or by stopping by their Amazon UK shop.

Don’t forget to enter their competition before 6th December 2015.

The prize a set of the most popular Neusu™ Heavy Duty XL 100 vacuum Bags (pack of 5 bags) worth £24.99 PLUS a Neusu™ Large Foldable Box worth £17.99 – total prize value of £42.98!  There will be 3 winners that receive this prize. The link you need to enter via is here —>

Good Luck!

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