Review Of Evercreatures Polka Dot Shortie Wellies From Welly Warehouse

evercreatures welly reviewAt the beginning of the year I was sent a gorgeous pair of Evercreatures Polka Dot Shortie Wellies to review from Welly Warehouse. I was certain I had posted up this review ages ago but then today when I was working on my blog I realised it was still in my drafts. I am so sorry Welly Warehouse. 🙁

Sadly since writing my original post ,which never got published, Welly Warehouse have now stopped selling this particular pair of spotty wellies but they do sell the same Shortie style of wellington boot but in different designs. I have re-written the post so it reflects the wellies that they now stock.

They currently have the Gingham design and Funky Chicken design of the shortie wellies.  The shortie wellies are £33.99 per pair.  They do also sell lots of full size Evercreatures wellies and they are around the £37.99 price point.  They even have a pair of full size polka dot wellies in navy with (what appears to be) orange spots on. The design is called Multisun and it is ever so pretty! You can see the wellies in the photo below:-

evercreatures multisun welliesMy shortie Evercreatures red polka dot wellies are fabulous! I love them so much. They are really, really comfy to wear, easy to walk in and they look so funky! I am such a fan of the short style of the boot. It makes them so much more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

I have worn these boots when I have been to car boots, on a trip to the zoo and even just on a general day to day basis when it has been tipping it down with rain. The wellies clean up a treat when they get dirty and they are wide enough to fit my wide feet in comfortably. I don’t even need to wear thick socks to keep my feet snug as with these wellies my feet stay warm with just normal socks on.

The wellies came in a sturdy cardboard box with a handle on the top and each wellie came in a thin white dust cover bag.   I even got a complimentary Evercreatures keyring which I gave to my dad as I knew he’d like the hummingbird design logo.

The red and white polka dot shorter wellies are made from Natural Rubber and they have a Cotton Lining. They are 27cm high as opposed to a full size pair that is 37cm high. The wellies have an adjustable side strap & gusset.

evercreatures welly reviewI am so happy to have these wellies and can highly recommend the Evercreatures brand of wellies to you all. I feel awful that the review has ended up taking so long to be published but at least I can now reassure you all that even after wearing the wellies at various times throughout the year – they are still in fantastic condition and they are not a pair of boots that start to look shabby after just a few wears. These wellies are wet weather wonders that keep my feet dry … even when all around me is puddles and mud!  Now I am just waiting patiently for the snow so I can wear them when I head outside to build a snowman with my little girl.

review of Evercreatures welliesHere are the links you need for the wellies in the photo collage above.

The Welly warehouse team were ever so friendly when they were sorting out sending me my wellies and I’d like to say a big thank you to them for sending me my dream pair of wellies. As you can tell from my blog…I’m a bit of a polka dot fan!

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