Christmas Gift Idea For Kids :- Hello Kitty Tab Beanie. Tablet Protection For Kids (#TriedAndTested)

tab beanie reviewLast Christmas my daughter got an Innotab Max and absolutely loves it! It comes with a protective cover that flips over it when not in use but that doesn’t protect the tablet when she is actually using it. She does have a screen protector on the screen though so she doesn’t scratch it.

When I was got chatting to Lazerbuilt on twitter they offered my daughter the chance to review one of their new Hello Kitty Tab Beanies which provides protection for children’s tablets.  You can imagine how excited she was to get to one of these innovative new tablet protectors to road-test!

The Hello Kitty Tab Beanie is currently on offer for £18.00 at and it would make a great Christmas gift for a child who has already has a tablet or who will be getting one from Santa.

There are 3 designs to choose from :- Hello Kitty, Sonic the Hedgehog (currently on offer for £18.71) and the adorable TabZoo Animal design (currently on offer for £20.71)

tab beanie reviewHere is the website description of the Hello Kitty Tab Beanie :-

Easy to use for kids and reassuring for parents, these unique bean bag creations are super comfy, lightweight and perfect for use in the home or during travel. The cute and cuddly Hello Kitty branded Tab Beanie provides protection for the device without hindering its functionality and offers a one size fits all solution, suitable for both 7 and 10 inch Tablets.


7 and 10 inch tablets


  • Wipe clean Tab Beanie window protects your touch screen
  • Touch screen works through the window
  • Protective bumper for further protection
  • Lightweight, comfy beanbag filling easily moulds to your body shape like a cushion and can be propped as viewing stand
  • Universal fit
  • Carry handle for transportation

My daughter’s Innotab Max is a 7″ tablet and the flip over lid is removable so I decided to remove it before putting the tablet into the clear plastic fronted zip up compartment of the Tab Beanie so that it wasn’t quite so bulky in there. I do believe I could have got away with leaving it on but there was no need to really as it is so easy to remove anyway.

I will be 100% honest here – when I saw the plastic front of the Tab Beanie I rather doubted that the touch screen of the tablet would actually work through the plastic. I was dubious…..but ultimately…WRONG! The screen actually worked like a dream! I couldn’t really believe it at first but it was really responsive to touch and my daughter could still use the screen perfectly well. 🙂 Excellent! The plastic feels a bit like the plastic that pushchair raincovers are made from – if that helps you visualise what the plastic feels like to touch.

tablet protectionThe Tab beanie has a carry handle on the side which is so useful. It means your child can carry their tablet around the house safely and also if they take it in the car with them on a long journey they can use the carry handle to help them pick up the tablet if they drop it off their lap into the seat besides them, etc. Also there is no doubt that it is much easier for an adut to reach back and retrieve the tablet from the floor of the car when it is in a Tab Beanie compared to when it is in a normal tablet protector or of course, without a case. My daughter used her Hello Kitty Tab Beanie on a day trip to the beach and I loved how it protected the tablet when she used it in the car and it was also great that the bean bag beads allowed the cushion of the Tab Beanie to sit comfortably on her lap so she could play games and watch films on her Innotab Max tablet.

My daughter’s Innotab Max does allow you to prop it up with the flip down lid so you can watch films etc but if your child’s tablet doesn’t have this feature then it is great that the Tab Beanie gives them an easy way to prop up the tablet for them to watch their TV shows on the tablet screen.

As the tablet is enclosed in the zip up pocket of the Tab Beanie it means that if you want to use headphones with it you need to plug them into the side of the tablet before putting it into the plastic fronted pocket and then have the cord poke through a little gap in the zips on the back of the Tab Beanie. It’s not a real problem and my daughter has successfully used her headphones whilst the Innotab Max is inside the Tab Beanie. Also if your child wanted to use the tablet as a camera they would need to remove it from the protective beanie.

Tab beanies review

The Innotab Max has a few indented buttons to press (back button home button, on / off button, volume button) and this can be a bit harder to do through the plastic screen cover but it can be done and after a bit of practice my daughter can now press them fine. Most tablets have touch-screen buttons though and they wouldn’t be affected by the plastic cover.

My 6 year old daughter is delighted with the Hello Kitty Tab Beanie she was gifted by Lazerbuilt and she says that she definitely recommends it! She loves the pink Hello Kitty design and as Hello Kitty is adored by kids (and adults) of all ages I don’t doubt that she will use this tablet protector for many years to come!

As I home educate my daughter I am more than happy to let her use the educational apps available to buy in the Vtech Learning Lodge as I think it is great that she can have fun playing games whilst learning new things at the same time (maths , times tables, etc). I am all for her having her own tablet but as they do cost a lot of money it is of paramount importance that she can look after it and do her best not to damage it.  When the tablet is in the Tab Beanie it is well and truly cushioned and I am confident it will protect it as best it can. It is also very popular for toddlers and young children to watch kids TV shows on tablets so these Tab Beanies are also a great way of protecting your expensive tablets when your little one watches CBeebies on your iPad! (These fit tablets from 7 inches to 10 inches)

Tab beanies reviewIf you would like to buy one of the Tab Beanies as a Christmas Gift for your child or for a child you know that has their own/or uses their parents tablet then pop along to and choose from either the Sonic the Hedgehog, TabZoo Animals or Hello Kitty designs.

Here are the links you need :-

Sonic –

Tabzoo –

Hello Kitty –

You can keep up to date with all the latest news from Lazerbuilt by following them on twitter and facebook.

I hope you enjoyed my review.

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