Review Of Cheeky Chompers Exclusive Joules Print Chew Packs For Teething Tots

Cheeky Chompers Excusive Joules PrintCheeky Chompers sell the most delightful Joules Print teething products for kids!  (They also sell these products in designs that are not Joules) They sell The Neckerchew – The World’s First Chewy Dribble Bib For Teething Tots – and The Comfortchew – A Soft, Tactile Mini Comforter With Ribbon Tags And Attached Hippo Shaped Teether.

My sister has a 5 month old son but when she was pregnant she was kindly gifted, for review, a Farmer Joules Chew Pack set by the lovely team at Cheeky Chompers. My sister couldn’t believe her eyes when it arrived in the post as she had bought her son babygros that were made of the very same Farmer Joules print fabric.  Our whole family are big fans of Joules clothing and their fabric designs so we are super pleased to see that Cheeky Chompers sell their kids teething products made with fabrics from the Joules Collections.

Cheeky Chompers Excusive Joules PrintThe Comfortchew comforter has been out and about with my nephew since he was first born as it is so soft and cosy. It’s an ideal comforter as it is tactile, cuddly, lightweight and vibrantly coloured. It even has an elasticated wrist strap so you can put it round your child’s wrist so they don’t lose it or you can use the strap as a way of securing the comforter to a cot or car seat handle, etc. The Joules Comfortchew can be bought on its own for £18.95 – non Joules designs are £17.95

The Neckerchew dribble bib is lovely and soft and the teether on it looks like it will be very useful for my nephew when he is teething. This Neckerchew is such a clever idea! It does up around your child’s neck as a bib and then it has a teether on it so they can pick it up and chew on it.  It also means that they won’t keep dropping the teether so this prevents it from getting dirty and makes it much more hygienic. The bib is reversible and it has 3 layers so it is super absorbent. The Joules Neckerchew on its own is £12.99 – non Joules designs are £11.99.

You’ll be happy to know that the teethers are 100% free from nasty phthalates and BPA!! Plus both of the products can be machine washed.

The Joules Chew Pack contains both the Neckerchew and the Comfortchew and that can be bought for £29.95 – so you are making a saving of £1.99 by buying them both together in the Chew Pack.

The photo below shows you the other Exclusive Joules Prints that the Chew Packs are available in :-

Cheeky Chompers Excusive Joules PrintHere are the links to purchase the Joules design Cheeky Chompers Chew Packs –

Cheeky Chompers also sell a larger size Neckerchew which is ideal for children aged 4+  , Chewy – a chewy hippo teether and the Cheeky Blanket which fastens onto the pushchair (Joules print available exclusively in selected Joules stores and on Joules online). All of their products can be purchased online at

The company was started by two ‘Mumpreneurs’ – Amy & Julie. They came up with the genius idea of having a teether on a bib so that the teether couldn’t get dropped on a dirty floor and it also couldn’t be lost when out and about! They were confident in their plan to launch the product in 2013 and the Neckerchew has been a huge success for them. Now in 2015 it is available in over 33 countries! Wow, they have truly gone global! Plus they now sell other useful products too, such as the Chewy teether and Cheeky Blanket.  It just leaves me wondering…what handy products will they come up with next? 🙂

You can follow the brand on social media or have a read of their blog.. They are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube.

Thanks for reading my Cheeky Chompers review.

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