Give The Gift Of Sweet Dreams This Christmas! Buy A Kids Snuggle Sac From Ollie & Leila

snuggle sac reviewThe lovely team over at Ollie & Leila recently gifted me a Pony Snuggle Sac for my niece. I was so excited to go over and deliver it when it arrived. I hadn’t uttered a word about it being sent to her as I wanted it to be a surprise! 🙂

The Snuggle Sac comes in its own blue zip-up carry bag and it folds up really neatly into the bag. It’s not like some other bags for sleeping bags that are such a tight squueze that you end up not bothering to use them! This one actually serves its purpose and is ideal for a child to use so they can be independent and put away their own snuggle sac.

It is made of fleecy fabric with a 100% cotton lining so it is soft against your child’s skin. It has an applique Pony design on the pillowcase part and on the sleeping bag cover part there is an applique that makes it look like a stable door. Even better is that when your child is in the sleeping bag it looks like they are in the stable! 🙂

It measures 70cm wide and the height is 180cm. It is a very generous length so your chid will be able to use it for ages!

snuggle sac reviewThis isn’t the first Snuggle Sac that I have reviewed here on My Mummy Reviews. Back in February I reviewed a Flower Fairy design Snuggle Sac that Snuggle sac themselves sent my daughter to road test. Ollie & Leila who sent my niece her pony one are stockists of the products and they sell some lovely designs. You can view them here.

My niece has only had her Snuggle Sac a few weeks but she has already slept in it nearly every night! She was absolutely delighted with it when I gave it to her 🙂  I was so pleased Ollie & Leila had so kindly given the sleeping bag to me so I could give it to her.

snuggle sac reviewThe Snuggle Sac is £45 which although it is quite pricey it is absolutely beautiful and well worth buying if you are looking for a cosy sleeping bag for your child. It will hopefully encourage your child to want to go and snuggle in bed at bedtime plus it can easily be transported when they go and stay round their friends or grandparents houses.

The quality is superb and it really does make an extra special gift.  The sleeping bag has a zip that unzips about half way down one side which means that when your child sleeps in it at night they are less likely to kick the whole cover off unlike in a normal sleeping bag where they kick half off and then the rest unzips all the way down.

The snuggle sac has a pillow pocket so that your child can slip their pillow into it and then the fleecy material of the snuggle sac becomes a pillowcase for their pillow. As far as I know it isn’t possible to put the sleeping bag back into the carry bag while the pillow is in the slipcover, it is too bulky like that.

ollie and leilaMy daughter’s Flower Fairy Snuggle Sac, from the beginning of the year, still looks fantastic and she has used it loads! It washes well , is super snuggly and is much-loved. My niece’s Pony Snuggle Sac is exactly the same. Both my brother and sister-in-law were very impressed with the sleeping bag and they were so pleased that I’d got it for their daughter to review.

If you are looking for a practical and pretty Christmas gift for a girl then you can’t go wrong with a Snuggle Sac! What’s better than giving the gift of Sweet Dreams! 🙂 Ollie & Leila stock the Pony design, the Fairy design and Polka Dot design. Any of these would be ideal choices for a little girl that loves all things Pink!

If you are looking to buy a gift for a boy then I am sure he’d love the Pirate or the Navy Star design snuggle sacs. They are super fun and nice bright colours.

The snuggle sacs would be ideal to use on a child’s bed at home, to just iounge around in on the sofa watching TV or to take away on holiday. As it has its own carry bag it is easily transported.

On the Ollie & Leila website you will also find children’s beds, kids bedroom furniture, room accessories and bedding. The photo below shows a selection of the bedroom accessories they sell on their website:-

ollie and leilaIf you would like to purchase a Snuggle Sac, like the one my niece received for review, please visit

The company can also be found on facebook, twitter and Pinterest – please pop over and follow them. 🙂

Thanks for reading my review.

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