Review Of Christening Song From Lullaby Babies

christening songLullaby Babies wondered if I could feature their music on my blog and I am happy to oblige. They sent me a link to a preview of their Personalised Christening Songs and it sounds like a lovely song that is perfect for the occasion. I also think it might be suitable for a non-religious naming day ceremony. Although you will need to double check with Lullaby Babies to be sure that is the case as I have only heard the sample that they shared with me.

Here is their video example of the Personalised song for a Christening :-

When you buy the downloadable MP3 from them they give you copyright to play the song in public so it can be used at a Christening or possibly a naming day ceremony (as long as you check with the company that it has suitable lyrics).

The best bit about the song is that it can be personalised with your child’s name so that it is truly personal. There is a fixed selection of names you can choose from. They are shown in the chart below :-   (Click the name to hear a sample of the song)

Aaron(a-Run) Charlie Freya Khloe Niels
Aaron(Air-Run) Charlotte Gabriel Kian Noah
Abigail Chloe Gabrielle Kiriako Octavia
Adam Chris Gage Kris Oliver
Adrian Colin George Kyle Olivia
Aiden Conan Georgia Kyrie Ollie
Aisha(A-Sha) Connor Grace Lacey Oscar
Aisha(Eye-Sha) Cooper Gracie Lachlan Ourania
Akiyo Courtney Hailey Landon Owen
Alessandro Daisy Hannah Lauren Paige
Alex Daniel Harley Layla Panayiota
Alexander Darcie Harriet Leah Phoebe
Alfie David Harrison Leo Poppy
Alice Despina Harry Leon Rebecca
Alina Dexter Harvey Lewis Reece
Alyssa Dylan Hayden Lexi Reuben
Amber Edward Heidi Liam Riley
Amelia Efraim Henry Lianna(Lee-An-a) Robert
Amelie Eleanor Holly Lianna(Lee-Arn-a) Rose
Amy Eleni Imogen Lilly Rosie
Anais Eli(Ee-Lay) Isaac Logan Ruby
Anatriana Eli(Ee-Lie) Isabel Lola Ryan
Anieke Elijah Isla Louie Sabrina(Sa-Bree-Na)
Aniyah Elisha Ivan Louis Sabrina(Sa-Bry-Na)
Anna Eliza Ivin Luca Sakura
Annabelle Elizabeth Izabella Lucas Sam
Anthony Ella Jack Lucy Samuel
Antriana Ellie Jackson Luke Sarah
Archie Elliot Jacob Lydia Scarlett
Arianna Elsie Jake Maddison Sebastian
Ariella Emily James Madelaida Sienna
Arthur Emma Jamie Maria Skye
Ashton Enzo Jasmin(Jaz-Min) Martha Sofia
Ava Erin Jasmine(Yas-Meen) Masie Sophia
Bailey Ernie Jayden Mason Sophie
Bella Esme Jenson Mateo Stanley
Ben Ethan Jessica Matilda Summer
Benjamin Eva Joanna Matthew Taylor
Bethany Evan Joel Max Theo
Bianka Evelyn John Maya Thierry
Blake Evie Joseph Megan Thomas
Bobbie Faith Joshua Melania Tia
Bridget Fergus Jovani Melina Timothy
Brooke Finlay(Fin-Lay) Jude Melissa Toby
Caitlin Finlay(Fin-Lee) Julia Mia(Me-a) Tomas
Caleb Finley Kai Mia(My-a) Tommy
Callum Florence Kaleb Michael Tyler
Cameron(Cam-Er-Uhn) Francesca Kallum Millie William
Cameron(Cam-Ruhn) Frank Katalina Mohammad Willow
Catalina Frankie Katie Monna Zachary
Cayden Freddie Kayden Muhammed Zane
Cayla Frederick(Fred-Err-Ick) Kayla Natalie Zara
Chaoimhe Frederick(Fred-Rick) Keira Nathan Zoe
Charles Freya Kendra Nicol

The song is just £5 at the moment and you can buy it here —>

Lullaby babies also sell other lullaby CDs and downloadable music for babies and kids.  I hope to review more of them in the future.

lullaby babies

To visit the Lullaby Babies website please click here. Please follow them on social media to keep up to date with their latest news and offers. They are on facebook , twitter and Pinterest.

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