Review Of Dreamland Relaxwell Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Throw – Slate Grey. Costs Just 1p To Run For 3 Hours Of Heat!

Dreamland Heated Throw

Photos are from Dreamland UK website

My family are rather envious of me at the moment. Reason being…..Dreamland have gifted me a Relaxwell Deluxe Faux Fur Heated throw in Slate Grey to review!!  The Dreamland Heated Throw throw is not the cheapest of items, it has a price tag of just under £120 but it really is superb quality and it is such a clever idea! Basically it is a gorgeously sumptuous faux fur throw to snuggle under on the sofa but it plugs into the electric so it can heat up and keep you warm on those chilly nights. It measures 120cm (4′) long and 160cm (5’3″) wide and is made of the most wonderful long pile 100% acrylic faux fur. It is the perfect size for one person but can also be used with two people.

It is extremely stylish and bang on trend because of the deluxe faux fur fabric but most importantly it will keep you warm and they say it doesn’t cost a lot to run – just 1p for 3 hours heat! How amazing is that! Yes you’ll need to invest the money in the throw in the first instance but after you’ve bought it you can snuggle up with it on the sofa every night at the cost of just 1p for 3 hours of sitting under a warm blanket….certainly can’t grumble at that. If you have this throw turned on you don’t need the heating on so high in the room as you can stay warm and cosy under the blanket.

This video shows the Relaxwell blanket – although in a different brown style fur ( which is available for £99.99)

The Slate fur blanket is made from long pile faux fur fabric and it is a warm grey colour. It looks so snuggly!  The colours in my lounge are quite neutral so this throw fits in a treat! I have even bought myself two grey fur cushions as they matched the throw quite well.  I now look forward to  it being cold as it is a nice excuse to just be able to sit on the sofa with my daughter and cuddle in and watch TV with the Relaxwell blanket covering us.

The Intelliheat technology in the blanket means that you get perfect temperature control  and instant heat at a touch of a button. The throw heats up in only 5 minutes and there are 6 different heat settings. This blanket also has a 3 hour auto shut off system which means you can just set the temperature and get on with the important task of getting cosy watching your TV shows or doing your knitting or sewing. I love to do patchwork so it is nice to be able to sit under the blanket and do some hand sewing for my daughter’s quilt I am making.

The electrical cable to the blanket can be disconnected from the throw so it can be machine washed and tumble dried, should you wish, and also on the back of the digital electrical control there is a power switch which you can move between on/off so that if you press the buttons on the front of the control the blanket won’t turn on. I think these are both great features but the on/off switch is especially good as it means that you can’t inadvertently turn on the blanket if you have pushed the switch to the off setting.

Dreamland Heated Throw If you are looking for the ultimate treat for yourself or Birthday gift for someone special then this Slate Grey Heated Throw has to be it! It is luxurious but practical and it looks really fancy when thrown over the arm of a sofa. I have used it loads since I received it at the end of last year. It is so quick and easy to just turn it on to heat up and then sit under it whilst watching the TV. there is only one problem with it… makes it very hard to find the will power to get off the sofa and do the housework!

You can buy this blanket online from the Dreamland website but it can also be bought from online retailers such as QVC and John Lewis. It comes with a 2 year Dreamland Guarantee so you can rest assured that

I highly recommend this heated faux fur blanket to you and I promise you people will be very envious of you if you get one of these! My mum and sister have both got there eye on my blanket, hoping that the novelty will wear off and I will get bored of it and say one of them can have it…..unfortunately for them that will most definitely not be happening! 😀 Very selfish of me I know but this blanket is so nice that ,believe me when I say, you won’t want to part with it once you’ve got it!. It is the ultimate in luxury but it is practical , cheap to run and most importantly it can keep you warm – which is extremely important in the cold weather which is heading our way.

You can purchase the Dreamland Relaxwell Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Throw by clicking this link.

Please pop over and follow Dreamland on social media. You can find them on twitter and Pinterest. They run a lot of competitions on twitter so it is well worth keeping an on their tweets! 🙂


  • I would like to say a big thank you to Dreamland for sending me this heated throw to review on my blog.

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