Review Of Socket Pro Safety Covers, Plug Safe Lock & Emergency Power Bank With Torch. All From Insight Security

socket coversToday’s post is a review of a selection of products that I was kindly gifted by the fab team over at Insight Security.  We ‘virtually’ met on twitter and they offered me the opportunity to review some things from their online security store. I gladly accepted and the products they sent me were as follows :-

The safety socket covers were for my sister and she is going to use them in her home when my nephew is a bit bigger and crawling around the house. The plastic cover fits over the socket plate and then the hinged lid folds down over the plugs to prevent a child from turning the switch on and off and deters them from trying to fiddle with the sockets.  Insight Security sell these to fit a double 13 amp socket and a single 13 amp socket. There is also a locking safety cover for a double 13 amp socket.

The price of the Socket Covers starts at £7.49 (exc. VAT) for a single socket pro safety cover.

Here is the website description for the Socket Safety Covers :-

Socket Pro Safety Cover – for single or double socket or single lightswitch 
– quick and easy, clip-on installation, no need to touch any electrical wiring – simple childproof double clip mechanism to close and open the cover – no keys to fiddle with or lose!
  • Child safety – stops toddlers playing with electrical sockets or lightswitches,
  • Splash protection for electrical sockets in damp areas such as kitchens, food preparation areas, etc
  • Protects sockets in workshops
  • Prevents accidental switching off of PCs or other equipment whilst in use  
  • Can be used with “Flush Fit” or “Surface Mounted” sockets 

My sister had never considered having this kind of socket cover before but now that she has seen the Socket Pro Safety Covers she thinks they are a great idea as they will not only deter her son from trying to touch the electrical sockets but they will also make it harder for him to turn on appliances when they are plugged in.   Until we saw that Insight Security sold these we had always just thought that the best thing to do was buy those cheap plug-in socket protectors. We then saw this video below (as it was highlighted on the website) and we have been put off using those cheap plug-in type socket protectors forever! It shows how a perfectly safe socket can be rendered unsafe by the use of a plug-in style socket cover. Please have a watch and share the link to the video with other parents that you know (share this link —> )

Insight Security sent my sister some single socket pro covers, some double covers and a couple of locking covers too. There hasn’t been the need to install these in my sister’s home yet as her little boy is only 6 months old and not getting around yet but once he does I am sure my sister will be putting these covers in place over the wall sockets. She likes that they protect not just sockets with plugs in but also switches too. It will be good to know that once the plugs are covered he won’t be able to access the switches to turn the TV or telephone etc on and off.

My Mum thinks the covers are a great idea and she thinks they would be great to protect the on/off switch or plug to the fridge/ freezer because neither an adult or child could then turn off the fridge by mistake. I also think that they would be good used over the socket to your desktop computer as then you can’t accidentally switch the computer off and lose your precious work before you have had the chance to save it.

If you would like to start child-proofing your home and need some Socket Pro Safety Covers please click here to purchase them.

plug stopI was sent a couple of Plug Stop – electrical safety aids. These are £6.79 (exc. VAT) each and I had never seen or heard of them before. They are basically a lock for a plug. It locks onto the top pin of a plug so that people cannot plug that appliance into a socket without first unlocking the Plug Stop with a key and removing it from the plug. It is a very innovative idea and it has many uses. In their video,  which you can see below , it explains how cleaning companies use these on the plugs of their hoovers so that people in the office can’t use the appliances when the cleaning staff aren’t there or how teachers in colleges use these on dangerous equipment to stop apprentices using the appliance without permission and supervision.  The Plug Stop appears to be a good safety measure and I think it definitely has a lot of potential uses in the school / office environment.

Purchase Plug Stop here –

Last but not least, Insight Security sent me an Emergency Power Bank Portable Charger with Torch. Now I knew the other two products were coming but I wasn’t aware of this portable battery charger being sent to me…so it was a lovely surprise!  Thank You Insight Security 🙂

Emergency Power Bank Portable Charger with TorchThe emergency battery charger costs £9.65 (exc VAT) and that is a good price for a 2,600mAh,  portable power pack. It comes with a small USB cable that plugs into your computer or into a mains USB charger (if you have one at home) so that you can charge up the power pack. The cable has a mini hdmi on the other end so you can then charge up the battery on your mobile or iPad while you are out and about by using the power you stored into the power pack. It also has a torch on it , which is a great addition to this essential item. The power bank has the Insight Security branding on it and it weighs just 74g so it is no bother carrying it all day in your handbag.

If you would like to purchase a Portable Charger please click here.

Insight Security offer a No Quibble Guarantee on all their products and that means that you really have nothing to worry about when choosing to purchase from them.


Their website is packed to the rafters with security products for your home or business  so it is well worth a look. Visit

You can find them on social media – please pay them a visit. Thank you.

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