Review Of Storeasy Christmas Decoration Storage Box & Wrapping Paper Storage Bag from PackMate

storeasy reviewI hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. I love Christmas and always put my decorations up as soon as December arrives! In my home it is a family tradition…December 1st – up goes the Christmas tree, tinsel, decorations and plenty of fairy lights. Wonderful! 🙂

PackMate approached me during to December to ask if I would like to review some of their Storeasy innovative Christmas decoration storage products. I willingly accepted! They sent me a Storeasy Christmas Ornament storage box and a Storeasy Wrapping Paper Storage Bag.

Here is a pic of what my tchristmas tree 2015ree looked like this year. Rather cluttered but full of bright colours and twinkling lights. Just how we like it. 😀

The majority of my tree decorations and baubles are only cheap ones that I have bought on sale over the years – not particularly breakable and I don’t really have much sentimental attachment to them.  So although I like the idea of the ornament storage box – I personally don’t really need it as my baubles are okay just piled into a carrier bag and chucked out of the way in the shed until next Christmas arrives. However, my Auntie does have some beautiful Christmas decorations that she does wish to protect and look after – so the ornament box was perfect for her! When she came down for a New Year visit I gifted it to her, along with the wrapping paper storage bag. She thought that both products were an excellent idea and she loved that the wrapping paper storage bag had a fixed handle on the top of it as that meant she could hang it from a hook in her attic.

On Amazon UK the ornament box is currently on offer for £12.99 and the wrapping paper bag is just £5.99 on sale. I’m sure these will increase in price nearer to next Christmas so you are best to buy them now, while you can save a few pounds. 🙂


The storage products are a lovely, festive red with green trim…nice and Christmassy so that you remember what you packed in them! The ornament box has a viewing window so you can see inside to the Christmas ornaments and the wrapping paper bag has a clear strip at the bottom so you can see the design of paper that is within the bag. These viewing panels are a good idea as it allows you to see a portion of what is inside without having to unpack it all.

As I was already in the process of taking down my decorations when my Auntie visited I tried out the box before she took it home – just so I could share a picture with you all of how it works.

It is flat pack and all you do is open it out, insert the base and then pop in the cardboard dividers.  You then place your baubles and decorations into each compartment on the bottom and when that is full you then put in the dividing sheet of cardboard along with the next layer of criss-cross cardboard dividers and then fill up those little compartments too.  Once full you then put the lid on the box and store it in the loft or under the bed. I wouldn’t say this box is really suited to a damp shed , it is more for storing somewhere inside or in an attic. Sadly I don’t have space in my home for storing all my Christmas bits and bobs and I can’t access my loft – so all my decorations do need to live out in the shed – currently in a big plastic box.

storeasy reviewThe wrapping paper bag is a wonderful idea as it protects your paper and makes it easy to store. It can easily be poked under the bed, stored inside a wardrobe or placed in the loft. This is not only good for Christmas paper but fantastic for birthday wrapping paper too.  It is a huge bag and you will get loads of paper in it!

Overall we are very impressed with these products. They are a great way to pack away Christmas decorations and wrapping paper in a tidy, organised manner.  The only thing I would say is that if you intend to store the ornament box in the loft you may want to tie a couple of lengths of ribbon/string around the box to secure the lid because as it is the lid just sits on top – it isn’t secured. I think if you are trying to get the box up and down through a loft hatch you might have to upend the box and then all your nicely organised baubles would just fall out on your head! So if you are putting it in the loft – secure the lid.  If you are just sliding it under a bed then it is fine as it is. 🙂

You can buy these products on Amazon. Just search for Storeasy.

Click here to buy the Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Click here to buy the Wrapping Paper Storage Bag

They also sell a Christmas Wreath Storage Case Bag, a Storeasy Christmas Deluxe Wrapping Storage Organiser and a Storeasy Christmas Light Storage Reel Set.


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