Oh No! Ecoegg’s New Concentrated Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner Has Actually Made Me Enjoy Cleaning!

Ecoegg Concentrated Multi-Purpose Antibacterial CleanerI’m not afraid to admit that I don’t ‘enjoy’ cleaning. I do it because it needs to be done, not because I like to do it. However something came along recently that changed that….. Ecoegg’s Concentrated Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner!

It is has no harsh chemicals in it but instead it is made from plant extracts and is safe to use all over your home.

I have been reviewing products for Ecoegg since last February when they first sent my mum their Laundry Egg to review (an alternative to washing powder) and over the past year I have reviewed quite a few different things for them but I wasn’t expecting to review a product that might actually make me ‘Want’ to clean the house rather than just doing it because it needs to done!

Ecoegg Concentrated Multi-Purpose Antibacterial CleanerThe new Concentrated Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner from Ecoegg is £19.99 for a 1 litre bottle and as it is highly concentrated you can water it down (in the supplied spray bottle) to make up to 80 litres of multi-purpose antibacterial cleaner spray.

You only need to put 1 or 2 capfuls of the concentrated solution into the dilution spray bottle and then you fill it up with normal tap water.   So if you were to make 80 bottles of multi-purpose spray that would mean each bottle costs just 25p a bottle, now if that’s not a bargain I don’t know what is!

Of course it is only a bargain if the product itself actually works and I can honestly say that it does! Thus why I have decided I now like cleaning windows, mirrors, worktops, sinks etc as it really does make them clean plus the Citrus Burst fragrance smells fruity, nothing at all like the harsh chemical sprays that I normally use. (It is also available in Spring Blossom fragrance)

This video explains everything you need to know about the cleaner and shows you the results you can get with it:-


This antibacterial cleaner spray was originally intended for my mum to review but, as you have heard, it never got as far as her house!  I’m not completely selfish though – I have let her borrow the ‘made-up’ bottle to test it out and she too is extremely impressed with it! 🙂 I’ve said I’ll buy her a £1 empty spray bottle so I can make her up a bottle to use at her house. I’ll write on the bottle what it is so she doesn’t forget and no-one mistakes it for a water spray and then that way I can have my spray bottle back and get back to the cleaning!  🙂

I love how it is safe to use all around the home and because it has a nice citrus scent it makes my home smell really clean.  The product is dermatologically tested (so won’t irritate sensitive skin when you are using it) and it can kill 99.99% of bacteria!  It has been independently proven to kill 99.99% of E. coli, staphylococcus, MRSA and the flu bug, instantly! Clean the dirt you can see and the dirt you can’t see.  As a parent it is great to know that this ‘non-chemical’ spray can still kill these bacteria from work surfaces.


The only thing I would say is that I recommend you keep it out of the reach of children as it doesn’t look like your usual household sprays because of the clear plastic spray bottle. It is a different shape to normal spray bottles and it has a design of lemons on it – so as they are not used to seeing household sprays in these kind of bottles they might not realise that this is something they shouldn’t be playing with.

So to conclude all I can say is that I am incredibly pleased to have been sent this multi-purpose spray to review because once again it is going to save me money from my household budget! Ecoegg’s main aim with their products is to be kind to the environment as well as your purse! The spray does an amazing job at cleaning my cooker top and as I mentioned earlier it is great at cleaning mirrors and windows without smearing.

If you would like to purchase a bottle of the Ecoegg Concentrated Multi-Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner please visit this link:- www.ecoegg.com/product/concentrated-multi-purpose-antibacterial-cleaner/

Please pop over and take a look at Ecoegg’s social media pages. They can be found on Facebook , Twitter and You Tube. I know they would really appreciate your support.


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