Review Of Linking Cubes From Imagido! Great Resource For Teaching Numeracy Skills To Kids.

imagido reviewI home educate my 6 year old daughter and we love getting new educational resources to try out for review. I am of the opinion that Learning should be fun.and colourful! Just likes these Linking Cubes that were gifted to us by Janis from Imagido!

The Linking Cubes are designed to help kids with their mathematical skills. They can use them for counting, addition, subtraction , measuring and even patterning.

Although, as you can see from my ‘creative’ photo at the top of this blog post…the Linking Cubes don’t just have to be used for maths skills. You can use them in an arty way too! I made the Imagido! logo! 🙂 I have to say I’m rather proud of it too…even though I’m in my 30s! Just imagine how proud a 6 year old will be of their creative models made using Linking cubes.

The Linking Cubes are just £7.99 for 100 and they come in a clear zip-lock bag. There are 10 bright colours which means they can be mixed up for making patterns or separated out for sorting activities.

If you want to practice addition with your child then you can put a certain number of cubes in a pile and then, as an example,  ask your child to ‘Add 7 more’ and then get them to tell you how many there are in total. To practice subtraction you then do the opposite. Put a certain number of cubes in a pile and ask them to take some away and then tell you the number of cubes remaining.

linking cubes reviewThese Linking Cubes were recently out of stock on the Imagido! website so they must be rather popular! They are in stock as we speak so pop along and order yours now —>

UK Mainland shipping is a flat rate of £2.90 so you may as well order some other bits and pieces while you are shopping on the site. The Baseboard for Linking Cubes would be good to buy as the cubes fit onto the board (Only £2.45). I don’t have one yet but I think it would be a good addition to my set. I can also recommend the PlayFoam. You can read the review here. It is a fun squishy squashy product which is great for creative, sensory play.

ImagiDo! is a wonderful website which is packed full of affordable educational resources!  Please stop by and follow the company on facebook and twitter.

I will soon be reviewing some more products from the Imagido! website so make sure to check back on my blog in a few weeks time to see what my daughter will road-test next!.   😀 She really loves reviewing for Imagido!

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