You Will Not Find Brighter, More Cheerful Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap Than Those From Kali Stileman Publishing

kali stileman square card co reviewJust before Christmas I was sent a fabulous selection of kids birthday cards , gift wrap & gift tags from Kali Stileman Publishing.

The products are all part of their latest collection ‘Little People‘. Each product depicts a fun activity that a child might do or a character they might dress up as. Some of the cards are aimed at girls and some at boys.

These are the card designs I received :-

kali stileman square card co reviewThere are 21 different designs in the ‘Little People’ collection! Other designs include Pirate, Cowboy, Artist and Mermaid. You can see them all on this link –> Each card says Happy Birthday on the front and is left blank on the inside for your own personal message.

Each card in this collection is £3.00 and comes with a glitzy gold envelope – just to prove to the card recipient yhat it is definitely a super dooper special occasion because they are receiving a card in a gold envelope!! 😀

kali stileman square card co reviewThe design on each card is bright and cheerful. Kids will adore them! I know I do….and I’m a big kid! 🙂 The greeting cards are printed in the UK on hammer embossed cardboard which has been sourced from responsible foresty. The hammer effect gives it a subtle embossed texture which makes it obvious that it is a quality card reserved ONLY for extra special little people!

The back of each card is just as decorative as the front! Take a look at the photo above  ↑ .

It isn’t just cards in this collection though! There is also gift wrap and gift tags.  The gift wrap is £1.60 a sheet and is available in 2 designs – Super Hero wrapping paper and Rocking Horse wrapping paper. I can vouch for the fact that this is top quality gift wrap! It is printed on the outside but the inside of the gift wrap is plain. It has a funky polka dot edge – I’m loving the polka dots, Kali Stileman!! – and it is covered with lots of vibrant ‘Little People’ designs of either Rocking Horses or Super Heroes. I’m not sure how much the gift tags are as they are not currently listed on the website but I should imagine they are around the 45p mark as that is what the other gift tags they sell are priced at. The gift tags are made of the same hammered effect cardboard as the greeting cards and they will need to be taped onto your gift.


I highly recommend these Kali Stileman cards as they are not only gorgeous but they will bring smile to your face! They are definitely going to be given to people that I know will adore them! I’m not so sure I will reserve mine for kids only…I think I know some adults that will like them too!

You can purchase the Kali Stileman cards online at Postage varies depending on which products you order.

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  • Please note that the company used to be known as The Square Card Co. but are now rebranding as Kali Stileman Publishing as they no longer just create square cards but they also make rectangular cards as well, like the ones I have reviewed today 🙂

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