Review Of Personalised Cubbie Giraffe Teddy From Lily And Pipp. Fantastic New Baby Gift!

lily and pipp personalised cubbie stuffie giraffe reviewMy nephew was recently sent the most wonderful gift! It was kindly sent to him for review by Lily and Pipp and the gift was a personalised Cubbie Giraffe teddy from their Cubbies Stuffies collection.

It is absolutely gorgeous! It is well worth the £19.99 price tag as it is so super soft and snuggly , extra special because of the embroidered text and really, really cute! It has even been CE marked and tested to toy safety standards, which is an absolute must!

My sister and her fiancee are big fans of Giraffes so when I saw that Lily And Pipp sold this Giraffe Cubbie Stuffie I knew it would be the perfect teddy for them to send to them for their son so that I could review it on my blog. It was so lovely of Lily and Pipp to offer them the opportunity to receive the teddy for review. (Thank you Corrin & Paul)

lily and pipp personalised cubbie stuffie giraffe reviewThe giraffe teddy is a welcome addition to my nephew’s toy collection and once my nephew is a bit bigger I know he will love cuddling and playing with it! He is only 6 months old at the moment so not quite at the teddy-cuddling stage yet.

The teddy sits at about 12 inches tall and it has been embroidered with my nephew’s name, date of birth, time of birth and birth weight. It is a teddy to treasure forever! I was able to choose which kind of design I wanted the text to appear in. These were the options – I went for the 4th design (displayed as Noah in the example)

lily and pipp review designsThese embroidered tummy Cubbie Stuffies are available as loads of different animals. There is a Lamb, a Frog, a Penguin, an Owl, a Zebra, etc. They are all £19.99 each with £3.50 for UK postage. The embroidered tummy text is included in that price but if you require an additional embroidered message on the teddy’s bottom that costs an extra £4.50.

Personalised orders currently take between 5-7 business days to be dispatched, this is due to the work that is involved in creating individual designs for every Cubbie Stuffie. Before they embroider the actual teddy (see how they do that here) they email you a proof of the design so you can confirm that you are happy with how they have created the design for you. As long as you say you are happy they will then go ahead and start the embroidering of your teddy.

The Cubbie Stuffie teddy has a zipped bottom that contains a tummy pod (which is kind of skittle / bowling pin shaped). If you like you can remove the pod so you can keep things like pyjamas or omfort blankets etc inside your cubbie. For the photo at the top of this blog post I put some of my nephew’s sleepsuits inside the cubbie just so I could see how they fit. They packed into the Cubbie Stuffie just fine!

If you are considering purchasing a Cubbie Stuffie I can highly recommend them. They would make such a fantastic gift! Ideal as a gift for a New Baby, Christening, Naming Day, Birthday etc.  You can read some of Lily and Pipp’s FAQs here. You can get in touch with them to discuss an order by calling them on 01446 678244. From the dealings I have had with them, whilst organising this review teddy to be sent out, they have come across as being a really friendly team and it has been a real pleasure to feature them on my blog.  🙂

You can place an order for a Personalised Teddy by visiting

lily and pipp review embroideryLily and Pipp also sell Embroidered Bears, Embroidered Comfort Blankets, Embroidered Baby Blankets and Bobo Buddies Backpacks. Prices vary depending on the item.

To keep up to date with all their latest news and offers please follow them on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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