Review Of Trolley Bags Original Pastel. The Quick & Easy Way To Pack Your Bags At The Checkout!

review of Trolley BagsMy sister was so pleased when I told her that she had been offered the opportunity to receive some Trolley Bags for review on my blog. She had seen people using these out and about in the supermarket and thought they looked fantastic! Everyone she had seen using them had told her that they loved them! She had been making enquiries as she was intending to purchase some in the future but then before she got a chance to buy some she was kindly offered the opportunity to review them. She was a very happy shopper! 🙂

She was allowed to choose if she wanted the Deep Trolley Bags for use in the big trolleys or the Shallow Trolley Bags for use in the small trolleys. As she normally does a weekly ‘Big Shop’ she wanted the Trolley Bags Original to review rather than the Trolley Bags Express.

She also had to pick which colourway she wanted. She could either have the bright ‘Vibe’ colours or the ‘Pastel’ ones. She decided on the Pastel Trolley Bags.

 A set of Trolley Bags costs £ 17.99 and postage is an additional £4.99 postage. They are not particularly cheap but then nor is the quality! My sister has told me that she is very impressed with them and she is so pleased to now have them as they are making the supermarket shop so much easier for her! All she has to do is get to the checkout and when the cashier is scanning her purchases she needs to put the bags in the trolley and separate them so they fill the length of the trolley. Then as the food and purchases are being scanned my sister can quickly and easily pop her shopping into the 4 bags. Hey presto! Food packed and ready to quickly load into the back of the car. Also, as my sister has a 6 month old son, she can even hold him with one arm to calm him down if he’s crying whilst still being able to pack the shopping into the bags with the other! You can’t do that if you are using 5p plastic bags!

Bags for your trolleyThe 4 bags weigh 2kg in total and they can hang off the trolley hook whilst you are going round the shop filling your trolley with the items on your shopping list.  If you are able to do ‘Shop & Scan’ in your local supermarket then these will really come into their own as you can just pack your shopping into them as you go along scanning your products! How simple is that! Each of the durable Trolley Bags can hold up to 15kg  of shopping! Once you have paid all you have to do is pack the Trolley Bags straight into your car and then unpack them when you get home.

Each set of four Trolley Bags are connected together with Velcro along the integrated rails so they can be placed open and upright in the shopping trolley, allowing you to pack and sort groceries with either 1 or 2 hands as your shopping is scanned through the checkout,

The Deep Trolley bags fit maximum Trolley size: Width 65cm x Depth 69cm . I’m afraid this means nothing to me as I don’t know how big each supermarket’s trolleys are but I can tell you that my sister has successfully used them in a Tesco trolley! 😀  I imagine that most trolleys are the same size – apart from the tiny trolleys that LIDL have for people that just need to grab a few things.

Trolley Bags reviewTrolley Bags were invented in Ireland by Paul Doyle in 2010 following many months of design and refinement. Thankfully they are now available Worldwide so that they can make everyone’s Supermarket Shopping Trip so much easier!

You can read their customer reviews here —> Everyone loves them! As does my sister! She is so happy that they sent the bags to her and she highly recommends them. Thanks Trolley Bags UK!

You can keep up to date with all the Trolley Bags News by following them on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter , Google+ and You Tube. They are also avid bloggers. You can read their blog here.

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