Happy 10th Birthday Twitter!

Happy 10th Birthday TwitterHappy 10th Birthday Twitter!

I shall keep this short and sweet but I just wanted to write a post to mark the occasion 🙂

I am a huge fan of your social media network – so much so, that as a freelance social media manager and a blogger I can hand on heart say that twitter is by far my favourite social media platform of them all!

I use Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn but the one I adore the most is yours. Reason being is that I love that people are so friendly on twitter and that you let businesses small and large have the opportunity to engage and interact with potential customers and friends.

As a review blogger I get to mix with all sorts of big and small businesses on twitter and you make my life so easy as you are uncomplicated to use and can be replied upon to deliver my messages to twitter users.  I know that people are just a tweet away – be that friends, businesses, charities or even celebrities. 🙂

I joined twitter on 25th October 2010 and you can see my first tweet below:-

Nowadays when I watch TV shows I am eager to log on to twitter to see what the #hashtag of the show is doing. Think #Xfactor and #The Voice (I’m a big fan of both!)  – I love reading people’s real time feedback of the show that I’m also watching.

It is so fantastic that at just a click of a button I can see what people all around the world think of a particular topic. Perfect for someone nosey inquisitive like me! 😀

A couple of days ago I attended #TedxNorwichEd and it was great to be able to take part in the conversation regarding this memorable event just by tweeting using a hashtag. Twitter it is thanks to you that this is all possible.!

Here’s to another 10+ happy twitter years!

Just in case you are wondering…..I am @mymummyreviews

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